Venue Spotlight: Cotton Creek Barn

Written By Katherine White

November 07, 2017

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Growing up, my favorite movie was always Father of the Bride. I loved every moment, from the cake tasting to the swans. The movie captures the humor that comes with certain family dynamics, but more importantly, the magic of a wedding. Just south of Lubbock, we find our own American family with a love for beautiful weddings and family. After teaching for 22 years, Mitzi Bruton started Cotton Creek Barn with her family. During her teaching years, Mitzi hosted family showers and coordinated weddings in her backyard. It wasn’t until her daughter, Natalie, who was soon to be engaged at the time, recognized the need for more local, outdoor wedding venues, that Cotton Creek Barn was born.

Image by Allee J Photography

As a farming family, the Brutons looked no further than their own backyard for the site of Cotton Creek Barn. Their farming equipment was relocated, and the existing barn was converted from storage to the stunning venue it is today. With existing landscaping dating back to the ’60s and ’70s, most of the breathtaking aspects of the venue were already in place. Knowing they had the perfect setting, the Brutons turned their focus to creating the perfect place for young couples to say, “I do.”

Image by Allee J Photography

As a family-run business, the Brutons are often found assisting with the wedding. Natalie, the manager and event coordinator, noted that more often than not, the families spend all day setting up for the wedding together and then get ready for the wedding on-site.

Image by Allee J Photography

When it comes to deciding the backdrop for the ceremony and/or reception, the venue is incredibly transitional, allowing the bride to create a one-of-a-kind experience for herself and her groom. With six different ceremony options, Natalie has the ability to quickly transition the ceremony to another location, if bad weather rolls in.

Image by Allee J Photography

The most notable site at Cotton Creek Barn is the main barn which can host approximately 300 guests in rounds. To the west of the large barn is another smaller barn, which can accommodate 150 for a ceremony. With the two barns side by side, brides have the flexibility to use them for rehearsal dinner the night before or for cocktail hour after the ceremony while the large barn is set up for the reception. Also, Cotton Creek Barn boasts a bride room and groom room on the property.

Image by Alle J Photography

Image by Allee J Photography











Complete with an open vendor policy, TABC crew and two bar areas, one inside and one outside, Cotton Creek Barn makes planning a wedding that much more enjoyable. With a heart for family and a beautiful backdrop, Cotton Creek Barn is the perfect example of what George Banks had in mind when he said, “a wedding at home, this is a great idea.”

Fast Facts:

  • 608 Country Road J, Tahoka, TX 79373 (one mile west of New Home, Texas)
  • 979.220.1318


*All images used in this blog are credited to Allee J Photography


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