Venue Spotlight: APEX Event Center

Written By Katherine White

March 11, 2016


For sports lovers, March means madness..March madness that is. When it comes to hosting basketball events in Lubbock, APEX Event Center is at the top of the list. But they don’t host only basketball events. At just a few years old, the facility has hosted a variety of sporting events in Lubbock. Learn more from Director of Operations Brooke Buckley about why this facility might be an ideal spot for your next gymnastics event, karate tournament or volleyball and basketball championship.

1. What is the history of APEX?
Opened in February 2014, APEX was formerly known as the Lubbock Indoor Courts. In October 2015, our family purchased the facility and changed the name. We have made several improvements to the facility, but our work is not done yet. We strive continually to upgrade the venue, so people can enjoy it for years to come.

2. Please describe your venue.
APEX is a 60,000-square-foot facility that houses eight full-size basketball and volleyball courts. Depending on the event, our facility can hold 1,000-1,500 people daily. Aside from basketball and volleyball, those courts can be used for other indoor recreational and competitive sport programs. We house a full-service kitchen and concession stand and have a pro shop full of various brands that athletes and fans love! The shop features everything from clothing and bags to headbands and shoe laces. We also have our very own T-Shirt press and use the press during tournaments to let players personalize items to their liking.


3. What makes this center unique to Lubbock and West Texas?
APEX is unique to Lubbock and West Texas because we are one of the largest sports facilities in the area. We can host large tournaments and other events all in one place instead of spreading out at numerous gyms around town. Everything you’ll need is right here in one spot. For complete rental information and guidelines, click here.

4. What are some types of tournaments/events you’ve hosted in the past?
This past fall, TexStar Cheer and Tumbling had their cheer showoff at APEX. It was amazing! We provided a warm place for indoor soccer groups to practice, such as Futsal and Republic Soccer. APEX is proud to be the “home courts” for Caprock MOB Basketball. Every MOB practice and game can be held all in one building, which is a huge advantage for teams and fans. That advantage can also be applied to basketball and volleyball tournaments. SouthWest Hoops puts on several tournaments throughout the year at APEX, and the number of teams participating in those tournaments is growing.

We are currently in the middle of club volleyball season, and APEX provides the space for most every tournament in Lubbock throughout the volleyball season. In addition to youth sports, APEX also has a few adult leagues. West Texas Volleyball is an adult volleyball league that has a fall and spring tournament each year. LAW Basketball League is a men’s and women’s basketball league that is growing with every season. For those wishing to practice a unique sport, we now have an archery instructor that teaches indoor and outdoor archery at APEX. He is a certified USA archery coach and can teach all levels of archery for youth and adults. If you’re looking to host a team reception or themed party, there’s no better place to host than right here at the facility!

5. What’s in the future for APEX?
We have so many plans we have not even put into place yet! Coming up in May/June 2016, we plan to start our own basketball leagues. We have a few of our own tournaments we are currently planning. We also want APEX to be known for more than just typical sports. Our future plans include hosting drone competitions, archery competitions, RC car competitions and various conventions. We are also currently scheduling team camps for the summer. I have even had some inquiries about family reunions and church events. As you can see, APEX has a great space to offer everyone.

APEX Event Center Quick Facts:

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