Unplug & Experience the “Hub City!”

Written By Katherine White

March 04, 2016

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Before I start my day, before I’ve had my first sip of coffee, I’ve already grabbed my iPhone (which doubles as an alarm clock), done a quick scan of my emails, checked my News Feed, scrolled through Instagram and caught up with the morning’s top news stories, oftentimes before my feet even hit the floor. There are so many reasons I love my smartphone (hello, convenience and information at my fingertips), but it has one capability that I continually underutilize: the ability to power down. While there is nothing wrong with being connected, many of us find ourselves needing to unplug and focus on experiencing the things in front us instead of documenting them. Should you find you find yourself in need of a “digital detox,” we have a few places in town that you just have to get out and experience in person, sans mobile device, of course.

Appreciate the Local Arts Scene
Lubbock is home to one of the state’s very first designated cultural districts. Translation: there is plenty of art for you to see and experience all over town on any given day. Stop by one of our local galleries and peruse photo collections, sculptures and painting. Wander your way through the Texas Tech Public Art Trail. The possibilities are endless, and if you need a few exhibit suggestions, we have them all up on our event calendar.


Make it to a Museum
Museums are the perfect place for a digital detox. They’re engaging and absolutely brimming with things to look at and explore. Take some friends instead of your phone, read the placards on the displays or strike up a conversation with other visitors about an exhibit. And whether you want to see the world’s largest collection of windmills or marvel over Buddy Holly memorabilia, you can find it all in Lubbock.

Go Wine Tasting
The High Plains proudly grows 80 percent of the wine grapes in Texas and boasts five award-winning wineries. Instead of scanning grocery store aisles with your Vivino app, pay a (much more enjoyable) visit to one of our local winemakers. Do a wine tasting or tour the facility, you may just leave with a new Wine Wednesday favorite.


Find Fun for the Family
Adults aren’t the only ones logging some serious screen time these days. Grab the whole family and find a little adventure at National Ranching Heritage Center, experimenting at the Science Spectrum or step back in time for a scoop of ice cream at Holly Hop Ice Cream Shoppe. There is no shortage of family-friendly activities in Lubbock.

Typically, this would be where we’d suggest hashtagging your photos while you are out and about with #LiveLoveLubbock, but this time, with a day of unplugging in mind, I just encourage you to go, explore the city and make some “Hub City” memories that are just yours.



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