Top 5 Fair Food Must-Haves at the South Plains Fair

Written By Lacie Freelen

September 19, 2019

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The air is crisp and the leaves on the trees are slowly fluttering to the ground. Horsedrawn wagons are gathering. Farmers and ranchers are comparing produce and livestock. Their wives are hard at work, preparing dinner, while their children run and play nearby. The year is 1914 and young Lubbock, Texas is experiencing the first Panhandle South Plains Fair.

Although the first fair in Lubbock hardly resembles what we now know and love, the purpose of the event remains the same:
“To strengthen community ties within our region and promote growth and prosperity throughout Lubbock and its surrounding communities.”

This season, we set out to find the best and most iconic fair foods on the South Plains. From the famous 12-inch “Corny Dog” to the hand-squeezed strawberry lemonade that has a cult following, the fair is a foodie hotspot for the week it’s in town.

Take a look at our top five fair food favorites for 2019:

First, we started off with the classic turkey leg. The neon sign caught our attention, but the smell of 500 turkey legs being roasted to perfection drew us in. Yes, our mouths were drooling. We instantly fell in love with fair food classic. Its a must for the fair-going carnivores out there!

Turkey Leg at South Plains Fair

Second, we introduce Mexican Corn in a Cup. If you have never had Mexican Corn, then you’re missing out! Imagine hot, sweet corn with mayonnaise, chili lime seasoning, and cotija cheese sprinkled on top. It’s an all-time favorite at the fair and a great option for the herbivores – or should I say corn-ivores…

Cup of Mexican Corn at South Plains Fair

Next, we waited in line for the strawberry lemonade that has people raving on social media. This lemonade is hand-squeezed, hand-shaken, and made with love by the Lubbock Impact team. If you’re thirsty after a salty treat, this is the drink for you. Trust us when we say that it’s worth the wait!

Strawberry Lemonade at South Plains Fair

After cleansing our palates, we were ready for the traditional fair “corny dog!” Let me tell you, these corn dogs are not your average corn dog. We’re talking 12 inches of deep-fried deliciousness. Big enough for two people to split, but the question is, will you want to??

Pro Tip: Ask them to paint on a layer of mustard. You won’t be disappointed!

Last but certainly not least, we ate a funnel cake on a stick. That’s right, it comes on a stick. This deep-fried favorite comes hot, fresh and sprinkled with powdered sugar. For the culinary adventurers, you can even get a red velvet funnel cake. Can’t you just taste it now?

Now that our stomachs are growling and our mouths are watering, we’re ready to go back for round two!! Head out there this weekend to try out some of our favorite picks. Take pictures, tag us (@visitlubbock) and post them on Instagram for a shout out in our story.

And as always, #livelovelubbock



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