Top 10 Reasons Why We’re Thankful for Lubbock

Written By Katherine White

November 06, 2013


With the Thanksgiving Holiday rapidly approaching, our team felt it was the perfect time to share some of the things we are thankful for in regard to our wonderful city. Of course, there are as many reasons why we’re thankful for Lubbock, as there are stars in our West Texas sky. So we decided to keep it simple and have named our Top 10 ( in no particular order).

1.  Music – Let’s face it. You can’t think Lubbock without tapping your toes and humming the tunes to your favorite Buddy Holly song. Today, Lubbock has continued to produce a number of up and coming artists from a variety of musical genres.

2. Wine – Napa who? Lubbock continues to impress wine aficionados all across the region and around the world. It comes as no surprise when visitors leave with not just one bottle, but cases of their favorite wines to share with family and friends.

3. Texas Tech University – Raider Red. Will Rogers and his trust companion, Soapsuds. Oh and what about that guy, Kliff Kingsbury? It’s a great time to be a Red Raider.

4. Art – Nothing says art like the First Friday Art Trail. Each month, thousands of Lubbockites and visitors are immersed throughout Lubbock’s sprawling arts district.

Art at the Buddy Holly Center.

Art at the Buddy Holly Center.

5. Good eats – No matter what strikes your fancy, you’ll see that Lubbock has plenty of good eatin’. From pit-style BBQ, authentic Indian cuisine, to tapas and wine, you’ll never leave hungry.

6. Sports – Lubbock is the hub for sports in the South Plains. One minute you’ll be one of the 62,000 screaming fans at Jones AT&T Stadium and the next day you’ll be running in a 5k with friends. If you can play it, LUbbock has it!

Texas Tech football.

Texas Tech football.

7. History – Lubbock’s rich history and culture is remembered through music at the Buddy Holly Center and under the West Texas skies at the National Ranching Heritage Center or Bayer Museum of Agriculture.

8. Drama – No, not the bad kind. With such great groups like Moonlight Musicals and the folks at Texas Tech, you’ll find quality performances throughout the year including an upcoming show of Les Miserables.

9. Our People – Stranger is an odd word around these parts. That’s because the people in our community have never met a stranger. Once you come to Lubbock, the warm feeling of hospitality and kindness will follow you wherever you go. It’s well documented that it’s one of the reasons visitors come back and see us again and again

10. Visitors – How could we forget about our visitors? Without them we wouldn’t have amazing stories to tell, photos to share and the chance to make friends from all over the world. As an added bonus, they saved the local property owner $486 in property taxes this past year. How cool is that?

First Friday Art Trail

First Friday Art Trail

We would love to hear what you are most thankful for when it comes to Lubbock. Thanks for sharing!


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