To Movoto with Love

Written By Katherine White

June 05, 2014


Recently Movoto posted a blog, which attempted to analyze the excitement of a city with cold, hard numbers. Sounds pretty quizzical, right? So we decided to send a love letter to the folks over at Movoto inviting them to use a different perspective when evaluating the “fun factor” of a city. This love letter is also an open invitation for the Movoto team to pack their suitcases for a true West Texas experience.

Hey y’all!

We’ve been so busy getting ready to host the launch of Paul McCartney’s North American Tour in a few weeks and the sold out NCAA Super Regional between Texas Tech and the College of Charleston, as well as cleaning up from Jack White’s only headlining concert in Texas, that we barely had enough time to write you back. We didn’t think a Tweet would suffice.paul-mccartney-out-there-tour-218x300Let’s face it, we all know data can be interpreted in a number of different ways. You can’t put a number to the feeling you get when you’re surrounded by 60,000+ screaming fans at a Texas Tech football game or the emotions that are evoked when you are whisked away to the numerous art galleries that are a part of the monthly First Friday Art Trail. Oh by the way, did you know that Lubbock was the first cultural district recognized by the State of Texas or that Texas Tech is home to one of the 10 Best Public Art Collections in the U.S.? In a recent Texas Journey Magazine article, the writer states “Lubbock is surprising many visitors; over the past couple of decades, the city has developed into quite the artistic hub.”FFAT-1

As far as food is concerned, who doesn’t like options? Just in the past year, Lubbock has opened its doors to a number of mouthwatering eateries like La Madeleine, Torchy’s Tacos, Longhorn Steakhouse, Chuy’s, BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse and more. Those are just the big boys. Our local restaurants continue to grow and satisfy appetites with great dining options including the Cast Iron Grill, Tom & Bingo’s BBQ, Stella’s, Spanky’s, Crafthouse Gastropub and Manna Bread & Wine. While this is just a snack-sized look at some of our local spots, our complete restaurant list alone includes close to 800 places to get your foodie on.Jazz-7

We could go on and on about all the exciting things that you can see and do in Lubbock, but until you actually visit, you can’t get a true feel of any destination. Okay, we’ll admit it, we’re a little biased. But…we can’t help but share some love that we’ve received from travel pros.

“The city has a thriving arts community and inventive eateries…”

-Canadian Automobile Association, Adam McCulloch (2013)

“People here work hard to make a living, but my weekend visit proved they appreciate playing hard, too.”

-Texas Highways Magazine, Weekender, Melissa Gaskill (2013)

“Those who take time to explore the “Hub City” will find a notable wine scene, thanks to the High Plains’ bounty of vineyards, an influential music scene and a fascinating selection of museums.”

-Texas Highways Magazine (2012)

“Students in a pottery class are throwing clay in a warehouse studio. Next door, others are creating stained glass pieces. Across the street, a local flamenco dance troupe is rehearsing in a black  box theater. A young violinist entertains guests pursuing an exhibition of multimedia art installations spaced around a gallery. Just another weekend in a trendy Dallas or Houston arts district? No, it’s a Thursday night in downtown Lubbock.”

-Texas Journey Magazine, Janis Turk (2012)

Our own residents love to brag about why they Live Love Lubbock. Check out some of these videos.

So why wouldn’t you want to come and hang out with us? Especially with moves like this. #OurCoachIsHotterThanYourCoach

This is going to be surprising coming from a Texan…but bigger isn’t always better. As you’ll see when you visit, Lubbock is about quality not quantity. Outsiders agree as well, in 2012 alone more than 5.5 million people came to experience Lubbock. We hope you will as well!


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