Things To Do This Week

Written By Katherine White

June 15, 2015


Making a to-do list is my Monday ritual. Even in our age of digital calendar reminders, there is still something incredibly satisfactory to me about the physical act of putting pen to paper and crossing items off as they are accomplished. So at the beginning of each work week, I sit down to jot in my planner all the things I want to complete during the week. But in between all of the things we need to do, why not schedule in a few things that we want to do? Whether you digitally plan your day or keep your trusty planner close at hand, here are few things happening around the “Hub City” to liven up your list this week!

Take in a show on your lunch break.

Have a glass of wine on the patio.

Take a hike.

Make a different kind of beer run.

Pick up some locally grown produce.


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