The Color Run is Back!

Written By Katherine White

March 03, 2014


Were you one of the crazy and colorful runners during last year’s Color Run in Lubbock, Texas? If not, you have another chance!

COIs_dontMissIt2The Color Run is back and better than ever with their brand new Kaleidoscope Tour. This year’s race will weave in and out of Lubbock’s Mackenzie Park on March 29, 2014. What we love more than the bright colors and the party atmosphere is that it’s fun for the entire family! You can walk, run or even cartwheel across the finish line if you want to. The most important thing is just getting out and having a great time. If you want to win some cool prizes and two FREE passes to this year’s run, get to the finish line of our blog to learn more.

Kaleidoscope logoHere’s a fun video we shot during last year’s Color Run.

We’re just as excited to get our color on as you are, so we quizzed Lubbock’s race coordinator, Dane Jensen, about what’s in store for this year’s race. Here’s what he had to say:

Daniel: Describe the Color Run in one sentence.

Dane: The Happiest 5k on the planet.  

Daniel: What makes the Color Run so unique from other events around the country?

Dane: We are the largest event company in the world, and the first to do a color race.  We started the trend.  Our races incorporate the local community in our efforts and focus helping local charities.  We do this to help the local economy of wherever we go.  We don’t believe in a one side take all, but a win win for both. 

Daniel: I’ve heard that the Color Run is calling the latest event The Kaleidoscope Tour. What is so different about this particular tour?

Dane: Every year we try to make our 5ks more enjoyable and unforgettable.  This year we have stepped up production on all our events and have added the Kaleidoscope Tour.  This is a very engaging and interactive feature that we have added to our events that allow participants to take really great photos that they will have forever to remember our event. 

Daniel: People say this run is like one big party. Can you tell us a little more about the atmosphere before, during and after the race?

Dane: Electric is the best way to describe the atmosphere at our events.  We have mc’s, dj’s, and a lot of great music.  WE want our participants to enjoy themselves during our event. 

Daniel: Can you tell me a little bit about the charities that will benefit from the race?

Dane: We are partnering again with Lubbock impact and TTU medical center.  We have a great relationship with them and admire what they do for the community.  This year we are also donating funds to some other local charities that wanted to be part of the Color Run experience and who reached out to us. 

Daniel: Do you have any tips or ways to enhance a Color Runner’s experience?

Dane: Wear all white, bring your friends and family, bring your cameras, and prepare to have an amazing experience.  No event or color run can match our production or the atmosphere that we bring.  We hope to make Lubbock as memorable as it was last year!

Now for the fun part. Each week we will pick a winner leading up to the race and will choose one lucky winner at random on March 21, who will win a special Lubbock swag bag and TWO FREE entries into the Color Run. Here’s what you have to do:

1) Answer one of the following questions by leaving a comment.

  • What’s your favorite song to run or workout to?
  • Tell us why you’d love to participate in this year’s Color Run.
  • If you could wear one color for the rest of your life, what would it be?

2) Make sure to share our blog with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.

Good luck!


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