The BBQ Round Up

Written By Katherine White

July 22, 2015

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Between that final bell signaling the start of summer to the donning of new school year gear, my family tried to take a vacation as often as possible. Some of my most vivid experiences (and subsequently the inspiration for this series of posts) are the culinary ones. My mother insisted on eating where the locals ate. She’d stop by the hotel concierge, wrangle a passerby or ply a shop owner with a question or two. “Where’s your favorite place? Where can we get great local food?” she would ask. They never disappointed. We had pancakes the size of platters at locally-owned breakfast joints, deep-dish pizza from authentic pizzerias in Chicago, unforgettable cornbread in Georgia, fresh seafood, battered and dumped ceremoniously on a butcher-paper clad table in sight of the Gulf. Those experiences sure beat idling in the drive-thru and shouting a combo number into a speaker.

It’s a trait she’s passed to me. My first question upon arrival in any city starts with, “where can I get…” and usually ends with some type of cuisine. This week we’re talking about food that’s near and dear to most Texan hearts (and stomachs): barbecue. If you’re asking this week, “where can I get some really great barbecue?” the “Hub City” boasts several finger-licking good options. Take a look at some of our local favorites below!

Eddie’s Barbecue – Eddie’s is home to one of the most unique dishes Lubbock has to offer – a Frito pie unlike any other. In addition to traditional ingredients, Eddie’s Frito pie is topped off with brisket, sausage and a choice of two signature sauces.
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Tom & Bingo’s – Don’t just take our word for it. Tom & Bingo’s has made Texas Monthly magazine’s “Top 50 Barbecue Joints in Texas” list twice.

Evie Mae’s BBQ – Relative newcomer to the “Hub City” barbecue scene, their brisket is so tender it literally falls off your fork.

Arrogant Texan – This barbecue joint recently joined forces with another local favorite to create menu items unlike any other. Brisket nachos, macaroni with pulled pork and barbecue sauce – do you really need any more convincing?

Big E’s Barbecue – No visit to Lubbock would be complete without a visit to Big E’s in the Depot District after dark. There aren’t any tables or chairs, but one bite into your order, you’ll never miss them.

If you’re craving something besides barbecue, there are plenty of local favorites to satisfy your appetite! If you find one you love, be sure to share on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with #LiveLoveLubbock. Happy dining!



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