Texas Tech Football Is Set To Bring The Swagger

Written By Katherine White

August 03, 2013


Texas Tech has yet to play a down in the 2013 college football season, but that doesn’t matter to the Red Raider nation. What matters is that our coach is cooler than yours, and he’s promised to bring new life to a squad that’s poised to bring home a championship.

Kliff Kingsbury

Photo courtesy of the Boston Herald.

The ex play-caller has reenergized a fan base that hasn’t been this excited since the days of former sword-swinging coach, Mike Leach. Now that we’re less than a month removed from the quasi “away game” in Dallas against SMU on August 30, Kingsbury has promised the team will deliver more than their share of swagger. Here’s a link to score some tickets, www.texastech.com.

Off the field, fans that visit Lubbock will be treated with a true college football experience that transforms Lubbock into a sea of red and black.

The tailgating has always been one of my favorites. When Saturday morning rolls around and you can smell the BBQ’s burning around campus, you know it’s game day. Mix that with thousands of die-hard Red Raider fans and you have a winning recipe before you ever make it to the field. And then, you’re there. Call me crazy, but I get chills before each game. You can feel the passion of each and every fan that echoes with every chant, including the “Raider” “Power” roar that makes Jones AT&T stadium one of the most feared fields in the Big 12. Just ask the handful of former Top 5 teams that have witnessed Heisman drives and dreams of glass trophies come to a screeching halt. This, my friends, is what makes college football such an amazing time of year.

Tech football vs UT-5

A view from the top of  Jones AT&T Stadium.

Tech football vs WVU-17

Fans cheer on the Red Raiders in a win over West Virginia in 2012.

Add a little swagger to your college football season and join us as we cheer on our Red Raiders in 2013!

2013 Red Raider Football Season

2013 Red Raider Football Season

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