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Lubbock Artist Spotlight

Art is truly a way of life in West Texas and a favorite pastime for both visitors and locals. The arts are certainly alive and thriving in the “Hub City.” While we wish we could show you all the artists we love around Lubbock (looking at you, Nate Pollock and Victoria Bee), we wanted to get

40 Years, 4 Must-Sees at The National Ranching Heritage Center

The National Ranching Heritage Center has now been open to the public for 40 years. The historical landmark to this significant era of Texan and American ranching history has called Lubbock home since 1969, but held its grand opening on July 2, 1976 with a dedication by Mrs. Lyndon B. Johnson, coinciding with American bicentennial celebrations.

Grab a Brew in Lubbock

You can go just about anywhere in town for a cold and crisp beer, but this collection is tailored for those who know “cold” is not a flavor — those that prefer brews with character and style. These local watering holes can fly a bit under the radar, but trust me, the bartenders are true professionals

Top Spots for Happy Hour in Lubbock

Problem: You want to find a cool happy hour spot in Lubbock with great drink specials and enough room for you and your friends to hang out. Solution: This guide. The variety of spots to choose from runs the gamut. You want to do pickle shots at a pinball-themed restaurant? Done. Tacos for 99 cents

5 Palate-Pleasing Plates in Lubbock


In Lubbock, there are nearly 1,000 places to get a good meal. That’s a lot of options! While there’s no way to list EVERY favorite, we’ve put together a quick list of five palate-pleasing plates (in no particular order) that are true to the “Hub City.” Warning: Be prepared for your stomach to growl or your

10 Lubbock Adventures for Under $10

Visiting Lubbock has never been so easy! Once you decide to escape your comfy room at your favorite Lubbock hotel, there are a variety of ways to stay busy without breaking the bank. We have food, history, rock ‘n’ roll and more! Get out and explore these 10 Lubbock adventures for under $10. Buddy Holly Center

Fly into Hub City Comic Con

“We got guys who jump. We got guys who swing. We got guys who climb up walls.” It takes nothing short of The Tesseract or T.A.R.D.I.S to get to San Diego or New York, but now all you need is your own two feet to get the Comic Con experience. If you haven’t already, go ahead and

Top 5 Spring Break Spots in the “Hub City”

Spring break is right around the corner, and “Hub City” activities aren’t slowing down. Here are the top five events you must partake in during your spring break vacation. Buddy Holly Center Spring Break Staycation Crafts Having a staycation in Lubbock for spring break? The legendary Buddy Holly Center invites all children ages nine and up

Discover A New Take on Men’s Style in Lubbock

When outsiders thinks of West Texan fashion, what likely comes to mind are 10-gallon hats, ponchos, and leather chaps. College attire isn’t much better with whitewashed Wranglers, fishing shirts, and Polo hats. The truly fashion-savvy Lubbockites know there’s much more than that. Visit Lubbock will help you step your style-game up with these men’s fashion