Our Favorite Lubbock-Inspired Costumes

Written By McKenna Dowdle

October 22, 2019


Listen up, Lubbock! Halloween is right around the corner and we need to talk costumes. Come October 31, instead of frantically hunting through our closet for anything that resembles a punny costume, we are turning the camera on ourselves. Whether you are the type of person who plans your costume well in advance or waits until the last minute to muster up something random from the closet, we have the ultimate guide filled with fool-proof, DIY Lubbock-inspired Halloween costumes for both types of people!


  •   Buddy Holly


Rave on this Halloween as Lubbock’s sweetheart himself. To rock this look you will need is a cardigan or blazer, a bow tie and don’t forget his infamous thick-rimmed glasses! If you want to bring it over-the-top, complete this look with a guitar and a group of friends dressed as The Crickets. 


  •   Wine Grapes


Is there anything cuter or more creative than a string of wine grapes? With five-award winning wineries and 90% of Texas wine grapes grown on the Texas High Plains, a balloon “grape” costume seemed like the perfect option. For this costume, you will need balloons, safety pins, and a green bow. Top it off with your favorite locally-made bottle of wine in hand.


  •   Cotton Farmer


One thing Lubbock is known for is cotton! Lucky for us, Halloween falls right around harvest season. Head out on any farm road in the county to draw inspiration from our local farmers hard at work. What you need for this costume is simple. Grab your overalls, work boots, and a stem of cotton.


  •   Masked Rider


Since 1936, The Masked Rider has been the face of all Texas Tech traditions. You can show up wearing this top-notch Lubbock costume draped from head to toe in black. Top it off with a cape and black mask. If you really want to go above and beyond, bring your trusty-sidekick, Fearless Champion, with you as a stick pony.



  •  Raider Red
    Grab a red mustache and throw your guns up! Raider Red is a Texas Tech icon. This costume is complete with western attire, a black mask, a white cowboy hat and boots. You will be a hit with all of your Red Raider friends. 

Rock any of these costumes this Halloween to be a hit with your Lubbock friends. If you are still on the fence about what to wear, put a creative twist on any of the honorable mentions below. 

  • Prairie Dog
  • Glider Pilot
  • Chris Beard
  • Patrick Mahomies


Show us your Lubbock-inspired costume on social media using #LiveLoveLubbock! 


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