Discover A New Take on Men’s Style in Lubbock

Written By Katherine White

February 05, 2015


When outsiders thinks of West Texan fashion, what likely comes to mind are 10-gallon hats, ponchos, and leather chaps. College attire isn’t much better with whitewashed Wranglers, fishing shirts, and Polo hats. The truly fashion-savvy Lubbockites know there’s much more than that. Visit Lubbock will help you step your style-game up with these men’s fashion gems (in no particular order).

Malouf’s Fine Apparel
Maloufs 2Maloufs 3


When first asking about Malouf’s, I was told, “Mr. Malouf has always been a visionary.” This could not be more accurate; Malouf’s has been open since 1949 and has been in the Kingsgate Center since 1987, one of only two locally-owned stores to remain. Malouf’s reputation of excellence has kept them in business all these years.

The store is recognized nationally as part of an exclusive group of stores from larger cities called The Apparel Forum. Mr. John B. Malouf, owner and creator tells me the store’s specialty includes “a tremendous amount of skill in our tailor-shop on items that require adjusting like a suit or a sports coat.” Although Malouf’s is the largest store on our list, they pride themselves on “exceptional expertise in fitting the person who is difficult to fit, at a professional level you don’t get in a department store.”


Chrome 1  Chrome 3






Chrome 2

With Chrome being one of the most modern retailers in Lubbock, you may find it strange to open up with a history lesson, but this place has plenty of it. Before being the location of a premiere shopping oasis, it’s been an art gallery, city club, recording studio to the Dixie Chicks, ballroom, bar, hotel, and the first hospital in Lubbock. The head doctor, who home-delivered Buddy Holly, still comes by to reminiscence.

In our Live Love Lubbock series, Taylor Perio calls Chrome, “Every girl in her 20s’ dreams,” but there is plenty for the fellas too. With a huge selection of t-shirts, outerwear, denim, and accessories including belts, hats, wallets, watches, and backpacks, this is a place where any man can find something interesting to add to his wardrobe. If you can’t find what you’re looking for Chrome will do their best to get it in, and Nick or Savannah will text you personally when it is in.

“Lubbock is growing so much and it’s great to be a destination. You can come in and get your wardrobe, fragrances, candles, and home décor. We’re more than a boutique and we’re not a department store because we don’t have the mentality of one. We’re just Chrome.”

H.G. Thrash Clothier

HG 1 HG 2 HG 3

H.G. Thrash was just voted KCBD’s Best of the West in Local Men’s Store category. It’s hard to argue when one sees this highly edited collection of special things that can only be found in a store like this.

The store has people that come from all over to this little store in West Texas because they can’t get these products elsewhere. You can’t find their pieces in the big cities, because they are made by those the store has a relationship with, to Mr. Thrash’s specifications. Walking through the store, I was told not only the names of who made the products, but where the skins came from before then. All jewelry is hand-made and one won’t find belt buckles or cufflinks like Thrash’s anywhere else.

Yes, they have brand names that you know and recognize, but they’re not there for their brand name, but because the store likes them. A man can easily find his favorite and unique things here.

Culture Clothing

Culture 2 Culture 1 Culture 3

Culture Clothing opened in 2012 and is going strong. This resale store is like no other, with an experience all about fashion, art, and community. As such, they take part in every First Friday Art Trail.

Culture Clothing offers an eclectic vibe, fun and colorful, bringing a different vibe to shopping then any other place. As an added plus you’re also being socially cautious; 90% of merchandise is recycled and gently used (you’ll find new stuff as well). Instead of plastic bags, your purchases are put in a handmade t-shirt bag. Shawn of Culture Clothing says their main goal is “to treat you right.”

Drest By Scott Malouf

Drest 2 The name is not coincidental—Drest is owned by Scott Malouf, son of John B. Malouf, mentioned at the top of our blog. That doesn’t mean you’re getting the same store just down the block.

True, Malouf grew up in the menswear business, now with a great arc of seeing trends over the past four decades, but The store goes beyond selling what’s in today. “We embrace the future. We embrace fashion,” says Malouf, “We’re not a suit store that is rooted in traditional suiting. We are a fashion store for guys who want to learn how to dress and have an aesthetic aspect of life.”

The goal at Drest is to help men interpret what’s modern and something they’ll actually wear and enjoy, an art that most guys don’t come by easy. Their point-of-view is to be ahead of the market, but still rooted in tradition and value, great fit and service.

Drest 3

Signature Stag

Signature Stag is Lubbock’s newest menswear store, open since August of 2017. They started in Midland, Texas with the goal of helping gentlemen look, feel and perform their best through a versatile, comfortable and attractive wardrobe. With the success of the first store and as Texas Tech alumni, BJ and Natalie Huey decided to expand their line and bring Signature Stag to Lubbock.

Signature Stag offers premier men’s apparel and accessories for the modern gentleman with a classic sense of style. They are focused on quality apparel, friendly service and providing an enjoyable shopping experience, evident by the helpful staff and well-stocked shelves. Whether you’re aiming for best dressed on game day or any other day of the week, Signature Stag has what you need to set yourself apart from the herd.


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