October 01, 2014


McCartney’s Lubbock Playlist

Before “Hey Jude” or “Yellow Submarine” there were other hits that inspired Paul McCartney and helped pave the way for a young group of rock ’n’ roll lads that called themselves, The Beatles. It was Buddy Holly’s unique sound and hits like “That’ll Be The Day” and “Rave On” that set The Beatles’ imaginations on fire. Without Buddy’s influence, one could argue that Beatle Mania might have never happened. It’s all thanks to a lanky, young rock ‘n’ roller from Lubbock, Texas.

OutThereTourPageTake a look at a special “playlist” that we built just for Sir Paul’s visit to Lubbock.

1. “Maybe I’m Amazed” – McCartney will surely be amazed once he steps foot on the campus at Texas Tech University. With it’s stunning Spanish architecture, McCartney can walk through the campus and pull from the energy that is generated throughout Raiderland!

2. “Band on the Run” – We doubt McCartney will have time to take in a local show, but if he did, we’d send him to the Blue Light Live. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were able to jam out to your favorite local artist with Sir Paul McCartney himself?

3. “Jet” – Paul McCartney is all about nostalgia. He understands and appreciates the legacies that were made long before he made his mark on the world. One of the special places that McCartney should jet off to would be the Silent Wings Museum. The museum honors the men who flew silently into enemy territory in special glider planes that are now on full display inside the museum.

4. “With A Little Luck” – Every artist needs a lucky break every once in a while. Whether you play a guitar or paint with a paintbrush, Lubbock is a great place for a budding artist. If McCartney wants a little visual inspiration, his best bet is to head over to LHUCA and work his way around Lubbock’s bustling arts district.

5. “Hey Jude” – Hey Paul, don’t make it bad. Take a sad song and make it better. Remember to let Spanky’s into your heart and let their fried cheese make it better. Once he takes a bite, it will make him sing, “Nom, nom, nom, nom nom, nom.”

6. “Yesterday” – What better way for McCartney to take a journey through yesterday than at the National Ranching Heritage Center? This display of “yesterday” will give Paul the ultimate glimpse into the history of ranching in North America.

7. “No More Lonely Nights” – Lonely nights? Not in Lubbock! With the lively Depot Entertainment District, there’s never a lonely night in the “Hub City.” In fact, there’s live music almost every night of the week. Whether it’s during a show at the famed Cactus Theater or a gig at Wild West, music will fill the air and Sir McCartney’s ears!

8. “Coming Up” – What’s that Paul? You’re coming up to Lubbock for some West Texas wine? Well, Lubbock has five award-winning wineries that are a perfect pit stop during McCartney’s tour. Maybe it will even take the edge off before a big concert! Not that Paul gets nervous these days; he’s a pro.

9. “I’ll Follow The Sun” – If that’s true, then we know Paul will enjoy one of Lubbock’s best natural beauties: a West Texas sunset. What’s a better way to watch the sun set than at a drive-in movie? Stars & Stripes Drive-In Theater offers a nostalgic experience for movie lovers.

10. “That’ll Be The Day” – We have to complete our list honoring the one and only, Buddy Holly. After all, he was one of Paul’s biggest inspirations as a musician. So as for Thursday, Oct. 2, that’ll be the day that Lubbock welcomes Sir Paul McCartney for a concert out of this world. We can’t wait to give him a true, West Texas howdy!

What song are you looking forward to hearing from Sir Paul McCartney? While this might be his first time in Lubbock, we feel like he’s part of our West Texas family already. Welcome, Paul!


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