Lubbock’s Must-Have Cups of Coffee

Written By Katherine White

November 03, 2016


From frothy cappuccinos to frozen fraps to a rich dark roast, we all have our go-to coffee order. While there is nothing wrong with something tried and true, Lubbock has a great coffee scene chock-full of signature drinks to help shake up your morning routine.  To make your caffeine crusade a little more diverse, we’ve put together a list of must-have drinks from four of our favorite coffee spots.

Gold Stripe’s Cortado
2610 Salem Ave.


Club soda palette cleanser, Cortado and cookie

The Cortado, which translates to “cut,” as in a double-shot of espresso cut with heated milk, is the perfect way to jumpstart any morning. Over-roasted beans and inexperienced baristas, have given espresso a bad (and bitter) name, but no one knows more about coffee beans than the Montandon brothers, co-owners of Gold Stripe Coffee Roasters. They source their beans directly from farmers and do the roasting themselves, creating one of the freshest and most flavorful drinks around.


Sugar Brown’s Sugar Brown Latte
1947 19th St.

The signature drink with tulip latte art

The signature drink with tulip latte art

Sugar Brown’s self-titled latte is one of my favorites on the menu. Increasing the milk and foam to espresso ratio of the cortado, this popular drink, with added brown sugar sweetness, is perfect for conversation and relaxation. Sugar Brown’s regularly holds latte art competitions and their baristas all have skill in the art form. Hearts, Rosettas and more, your Instagram game is sure to go up.


Yellow House’s Pour Over
3017 34th St.


My go-to is typically coffee, black. If you’re used to filling your office’s drip coffee with creamer and spoonfuls of sugar, Yellow House’s pour over drinks will blow your mind. Fresh beans, roasted in Texas, are profiled and selectively chosen. We recommend their Ethiopian blend, an heirloom coffee with cantaloupe, lime and floral notes. The best way to get all these flavors is via their V60 or Chemex pour over apparatuses.


J&B’s Masked Rider
2701 26th St.


If you’re looking for a sweet pick-me-up, the Masked Rider is a must. It’s the perfect way to get your caffeine and sweet tooth fix at the same time. With mocha and hazelnut flavor, espresso and ice cream, this milkshake cannot be found anywhere else. We will also recommend an affogato for those who want to keep the ice cream but trade the sugar for more espresso.


Let us know where we can try your favorite cups of coffee and share your photos with us using #LiveLoveLubbock as you explore the “Hub City’s” coffee scene.



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