Happy National Fossil Day

Written By Katherine White

October 14, 2014


Fossils are a window into the past. They show us how ancient organisms lived and relate to each other. They also help us recreate scenes from the past, the players in a food web and the climate of a particular time and place. Today is National Fossil Day, and to celebrate, we’re looking at the Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark.man_pointing_at_rocks_in_groupThis historical attraction currently serves as a field laboratory for geology, soils and radiocarbon dating studies, as well as being an active archaeological and natural history preserve where visitors can watch active archeological digs. Volunteers from around the world help with the ongoing excavations each summer, and locals have been known to volunteer, making the site accessible for non-scientists. In fact, in 2013, Smithsonian Magazine named the Landmark as one of the top five destinations to see evidence of first Americans.

man_showing_groups_bonesInside the museum, visitors will see fossils, Native-American artifacts and displays about the history of the area. Excavations have uncovered the remains of several extinct animals: mammoth, two types of horse, camel, ancient bison, giant short-faced bear and giant pampathere (imagine a 500 lb. armadillo!).

Explore the history of the High Plains region and celebrate #NationalFossilDay with Lubbock Lake Landmark. Use #livelovelubbock to share your favorite fossil finds with us!




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