“Greatness” by the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra

Written By Katherine White

January 15, 2014


There are only three concerts left in the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra’s (LSO) concert series. This week, the LSO will put on a regal performance with their show that’s rightfully titled, “Greatness”.

bittersweet-symphony-notesBulgarian guest conductor, Pavel Baleff will lead the way on January 17 and 18 at 7:30 p.m. with tickets starting at $25. While I may not have a musical bone in my body, (I flunked out of the recorder class in elementary school), there is something to be said about a night out at the symphony. It’s more than just a concert; it’s an experience that will leave you wanting more like an amazing meal that is so good, you savor each bite as if it was your last.

There is something about the music at the symphony that lifts you softly out of your seat.  Here’s one of my favorite things to do at a performance. Try going to the concert and closing your eyes during a song. Before you know it, you’ll feel light as a feather as your imagination paints beautiful melodies with each and every musical note. When I decide to open my eyes, the music is sweet, the cellos are deeper, the percussion is sharper and my need to play the air violin grows exponentially. And while I save my air violin antics for private concerts at my own home, I only have one request of you for this year. Whether it’s this week, next month or in the fall, go see a concert at the Lubbock Symphony Orchestra. You can thank me later.


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