Fun on the Fourth of July

Written By Katherine White

July 09, 2013

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We arrived to the annual Fourth on Broadway Street Fair fashionably late, but that didn’t stop us from jumping right into the fun.

Once we were on Broadway’s red brick road, it didn’t take long to navigate our way to the most popular spots. Our first item on the agenda was finding a cool band to listen to. And believe me, there wasn’t a shortage of music. After listening to a few songs in one music tent, we couldn’t help but wonder who was playing on the next corner. To keep it fair, we visited each tent for a few songs, gave everyone two thumbs up and moved on to the next one. Here are some pics from some of the bands we jammed out with.   4th on Broadway-24th on Broadway-10 4th on Broadway-3

And you can’t forget about the food. Mmmmm, the food. The crowd favorite was by far the fresh pineapple slushies. The line practically made it’s way to Amarillo.

4th on Broadway-44th on Broadway-5Then of course you had your piping-hot roasted corn with all the fixings and corn dogs that were being served faster than they were being eaten. To the corn dog stands chagrin, our keen sense of smell drove us straight to the roasted corn before we ever saw the corn dog coming. Too bad our vendor friends didn’t offer seconds.

4th on Broadway-12After our second helping of those to die for pineapple slushies, we saluted the red, white and blue and capped off another great afternoon at the annual Fourth on Broadway Street Fair. We can’t wait to do it all over again next year!4th on Broadway-7


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