Fresh off the Tap: Yellow House Canyon Brew Works

Written By Katherine White

September 22, 2016


We showed you a few of our favorite places to Grab a Brew in Lubbock, but now we want to give you a closer look at the freshest beer in town: Yellow House Canyon Brew Works (YHCBW), located on the edge of their namesake.

Our local brewery is not available in stores (yet), but offers a selection of rotating beers for your tasting and growler-filling pleasure, as well as everything you need to start brewing at home.

Yellow House’s starting lineup consists of their Rolling Thunder Porter, Texas Highland Scottish Ale, Dusty Panhandle Wheat and their most popular, Down the Hatch Green Chili Ale. If you head there today you will find a few of those, alongside newer experiments and the winner of Yellow House’s monthly homebrew challenge. Here is a taste of what you can expect:

It's hard work being the cutest pup in the business.

It’s hard work being the cutest pup in the business.

Tap No. 1: Fuzzy Butt

Named for the brewery’s pup, this strong ale features a sour, crisp taste with fruity esters making it easy going for a strong ale.

Tap No. 2: Belgian Dark

Roasted malt brings a toasty caramel-coffee flavor to this rich ale. The high alcohol content with dark fruit flavor tingles the tongue.

blog brew taps

There is always something new on tap.

Tap No. 3: Scottish Ale

This brew is one of Yellow House’s most popular and is a good beer to ease you into the craft beer scene. Fans of Shiner Bock may find a new favorite in the Texas Highland Scottish Ale.

Tap No. 4: German Wheat

Bright. Fruity. Crisp. Delicious. Perfect for a warm day on the patio.

Tap No. 5: Lee’s Bitters

The English IPA with an earthy hop aroma has the most IBUs (International Bittering Units) of any on the roster. Brewmasters, Bill and Tim Hardy tell me to imagine Winston Churchill with a cigar.

Taps No. 7 & 8 Green Chili Ales

Ready just in time for my arrival, I got to try two variants of Yellow House’s signature, Down the Hatch Green Chili Ale. The original (8) was smooth with hints of poblano. The spicier (7) had just the extra kick I wanted, packed with green chili flavor, roasted on an open flame just before secondary fermentation.

Saved the best for last.

Jet black with the perfect head.

Tap No. 12 Stout

Yellow House’s stout is has milk chocolate and coffee notes with a smokey aroma. I consistently lean towards porters and stouts, even during summer months, so this was my favorite.

Quick Facts:

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