Foodie Favorites from A – Z – Panhandle South Plains Fair

Written By Katherine White

September 25, 2014

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Hi everyone! It’s Daniel and Alyssa here filling in for Holly for this month’s Foodie Favorites. Luckily for us, this month fell during one of Lubbock’s biggest annual events, the Panhandle South Plains Fair!

Although we love to partake in all of the rides and games, let’s face it, the best part of the fair is being able to kick your diet to the curb and indulge in fair favorites that only arrive once a year.

After exploring for a bit, here is what we found during our special fair food extravaganza!

Lubbock Firefighters – Fried S’mores
Price: $5

Fried s’mores!? Less than a few steps into the fair, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we saw that the Lubbock Firefighters had created Fried S’mores. It was a no-brainer the second we saw it on their menu outside of their stand. Within a minute of ordering this ooey-gooey treat, we sat down to devour it in its entirety.


Church on the Rock – Corn dogs
Price: $4 – $5 ($4 for short and $5 for foot-long)

You can’t visit the fair without biting into a corn dog. It’s an absolute staple. If their cool stand doesn’t catch your eye, their corn dogs will stop you in your tracks.

DSC_9643Can you believe that this stand sold 800 foot-long corn dogs during the lunch hour? They guesstimate that they sell close to 2,000 on a typical weekend night.

DSC_9624Stop by for yourself and watch them paint your corn dog with a hearty helping of mustard.

DSC_9635Carpenter’s Church – Swirl on a Stick
Price: $5

This isn’t your average funnel cake. Place it on a stick, add cream cheese frosting and a coating of powdered sugar, and you have one of the tastiest treats around.

IMG_0057We knew that we wanted to find some funnel cake before we left. Little did we know, it would be on a stick! This stand not only offers the funnel cake we know and love, but they also created a special Red Velvet flavor. The cake got better with every cream cheese frosted bite. If you love this treat, you’ll love the taste and mobility of this ingenious new take on a traditional funnel cake.

Victory Life Church – Lemonade
Price: $3 – $5 (Prices vary depending on size and flavor)

Exploring the fair and trying all the food is bound to make you thirsty. Luckily for us, we bumped into the Victory Life Church lemonade stand at the perfect time.

IMG_0060The stand offers two types of lemonade, including your traditionally sweet and tangy lemonade, as well as a special strawberry flavor. Each cup contains three to four lemons, so you know that this will be as refreshing as it fresh.

Lubbock State School – Turkey leg
Price: $7

To round out our fair food adventure, we had to find ourselves a turkey leg. The smoky aroma led us straight to the Lubbock State School’s stand. With over 30 years of experience at the fair, we knew we had hit the turkey leg lotto. This turkey leg was hot and juicy and worth every bit of the seven dollars we spent. It was smoked to perfection. Although we felt a little barbaric, it’s hard to stop eating after the initial bite.

DSC_9657Just to give you an idea of how good these turkey legs are, let’s do a little math. On the fair’s first night, the Lubbock State School sold 39 cases of turkey legs, with 19 legs in each case. That brings their grand total to 741 turkey legs!

IMG_0061We know there are only three days left at the Panhandle South Plains Fair, so take your family and friends, and be sure to try out some of these awesome items that you won’t be able to find anywhere else!


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