Foodie Favorites from A to Z – Eddie’s Barbeque

Written By Katherine White

October 30, 2013


There’s one question I keep asking myself since visiting Eddie’s Barbeque. How is it possible to have lived in Lubbock my entire life (minus a two year stint up the road in Amarillo) and never graced the door of Eddie’s?

BBQ is done right at Eddie's

Eddie’s Real Texas Pit BBQ

From the moment we walked up to the restaurant (Daniel tagged along to help with photography), I knew I was in for that authentic West Texas experience tourists to Lubbock crave. Just as we were about to enter the front door, I heard someone call out, “Welcome.” As I turned from side to side trying to find the source of the voice, I heard the friendly twang again, “Over here.” Directly to the left of the building stood a man behind some mesh wiring, which I now know is the pit where all of the deliciousness that is served at Eddie’s begins.

“I’m looking for Eddie,” I tentatively said. “Well, you found him,” Eddie quickly replied. As soon as I explained why we were there, Eddie said to give him a few moments to check the briskets and he would be in to sit down and have a chat. When Daniel and I walked through the front door of Eddie’s restaurant, we were taken aback. You see, the front of Eddie’s place is pretty deceiving because it looks like a small, one-room eatery. But the restaurant actually extends back quite a ways and has a separate room for private parties and events. Aside from the size of the place, the other thing that immediately caught my eye was the fact that literally every inch of wall space displays some sort of rustic sign, unique antique or license plate. In fact, an entire wall is covered with license plates from all 50 states. Later Eddie told me that he was able to build the collection thanks to customers who would notice what was lacking, know someone who had it and bring it for Eddie to add to the collection. A couple visiting from Turkey even donated a license plate from the country.

The food goes fast at Eddie's.

Of course, my mind quickly turned to food, and as I stepped up to the counter I already knew what I was going to try. A friend, who recommended we visit Eddie’s for the “E” foodie blog, said the Frito pie is what Eddie is known for. Aside from the Frito pie, Daniel and I also ordered the sausage and brisket platter.

Best Frito Pie in town!

Best Frito Pie in town!

photo 3

Sausage and brisket platter.

Now I realize there is Frito pie, and then there’s Eddie’s Frito pie, and once you’ve had Eddie’s Frito pie, your life will forever be changed. This Frito pie has the basic ingredients, but then is topped off with Eddie’s brisket, sausage and of course lots of cheese and sour cream. Eddie offers two kinds of barbeque sauce to his customers – the regular sauce and the spicy sauce. I highly recommend the spicy sauce. It’s a secret recipe, but I finally got Eddie to divulge that pickle juice is a main ingredient. Eddie’s Frito pie is the perfect blend of everything a true Texan could ever hope for. The best part for me was the sausage. It had just the right amount of spice to enhance the flavor of the entire dish.

As Daniel and I fought over the last bite, Eddie joined us at the table. Come to find out, Eddie’s Frito pie, the restaurant’s most popular dish, was a total fluke. Naturally, Eddie and the staff also eat the food that is served and as Eddie puts it, “You can only eat so many sliced beef sandwiches in a row.”So one day he noticed a bag of Fritos, added his best ingredients and voila Eddie’s Frito pie came into existence. After we conquered the Frito pie, Daniel and I delved into the sausage and brisket platter, which was just as delicious.

Hanging out with the pit master himself, Eddie.

Hanging out with the pit master himself, Eddie.

As we chowed down, Eddie explained his cooking process. The pit, where we first encountered Eddie when we arrived, was built by his own two hands. He said it took a couple of tries, but he finally constructed the perfect place to prepare his brisket, sausage and pork loin. The total cook time for one of his briskets is 20 hours and the effort definitely pays off because when the noon hour rolls around there is a line out the door.

A man and his grill.

A man and his grill.

Eddie’s Barbeque has been open for 10 years now. Aside from all the wonderful people he has had the opportunity to meet over the years, Eddie says the best thing about owning the business is the time it allows him to spend with his two kiddos. It’s for that reason the restaurant is only open Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m., but the venue is available for parties on the weekend.

Chow down with Eddie.

Chow down with Eddie.

So next time you can’t decide where to go for lunch, head on over to Eddie’s. It’s almost guaranteed that you will meet him in person since he oftentimes personally delivers each customer’s order to their table. Oh, and if you don’t have to return to work, it’s BYOB. Because in Texas, we know nothing beats beer and barbeque…or Frito pie for this woman!

Fast Facts:

  • Restaurant: Eddie’s Barbeque
  • Location: 1324 E. 50th St.
  • Phone: 806.747.3736
  • Hours of Operation: Monday – Friday from 10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
  • Serving: Lunch


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