Foodie Favorites from A to Z – Bless Your Heart

Written By Katherine White

July 17, 2013


We’re back with the Foodie Blog! Filling in for Holly this week, I got to visit one of Lubbock’s local health food hotspots, Bless Your Heart. If you haven’t been by to try their delicious and calorie-friendly dishes, it’s a must! When the restaurant opened its doors in Lubbock on December 5, 1989, it was one of the first of its kind to offer a low-fat, heart-healthy menu. My dietitian mother will be so proud of me for trying these tasty and healthy treats!

Owner Monte Gardner let me try a few of their more popular dishes, and I’ll go ahead and tell you that I couldn’t pick a favorite! They were all so good and my heart was cheering for the healthy boost.

Turkey-N-Avocado Sandwich

Turkey-N-Avocado Sandwich

First up was the Turkey-N-Avocado sandwich. According to Monte, it’s the most popular dish on the menu. The sandwich is made with 99% fat-free, all-white gobbler turkey with cucumber slices, lettuce and a special Bless Your Heart guacamole. Rather than slathering on a fattening portion of mayonnaise, this restaurant uses guacamole and avocado…genius and delicious! That’s not even the best part. The whole wheat bread is homemade and baked fresh every morning. This sandwich is simply to die for at only 439 calories.

If you’re in the mood for “Smart Mex,” (Bless Your Heart’s healthy version of Tex-Mex dishes) check out their savory tacos and burritos. I tried the Chic-A-‘Cado Taco, a whole wheat tortilla filled with fresh guacamole, shredded mozzarella cheese, sliced grilled chicken and finished off with cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce. Now this is a taco. Paired with a side dish of cool and tangy pasta salad, this taco makes the perfect, guilt-free lunch. It’s only 340 calories!

Chic-A-'Cado Taco

Chic-A-‘Cado Taco

What’s a food you can’t live without? Hamburger, pasta, pizza? My absolute favorite food has to be pizza, and I was thrilled to learn that Bless Your Heart has six versions of healthy pizza on the menu. Now, mix pizza (a worldwide favorite) with barbecue. Ta-da! B-B-Q Chicken pizza. The sweet taste of barbecue sauce mixed with the mozzarella cheese and grilled chicken breast was amazing. It’s a perfect go-to for dinner or lunch and only 560 calories.

B-B-Q Chicken Pizza

B-B-Q Chicken Pizza

Bless Your Heart also offers grilled chicken platters, hot sandwiches, combo dishes, salads and potatoes. Top it off with a cup of frozen yogurt and it’s the perfect meal! The frozen yogurt selection is always changing. Stop in for their staple vanilla or chocolate flavors as well as new and different flavors. In fact, if you print this post and show it to your cashier at Bless Your Heart, you’ll receive a FREE small cup of yogurt with a purchase of a $5.99 or more menu item. This special is only good for Friday, July 26. That’s a deal you can’t miss!

Give Bless Your Heart a try and tell me what your favorite menu item is. Your tastebuds and your heart will thank you!




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