Foodie Favorites: Farm to Fork Gastro Food Truck

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September 29, 2017

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Stepping in the Farm to Fork Gastro Truck, the passion for food was most notably clear from the savory scent filling the air. The sizzling pans, clanging of dishes and careful presentation of cuisine — there’s nothing quite as satisfying as seeing dishes come to life through chef Tony Pina and farmer Albert Pereira.

Well, there is one better thing: tasting the expertly crafted food.

Zensational Ribs — slow roasted baby back ribs, Asian apple slaw  and string sweet potatoes — look as good as they taste.

Farm to Fork Gastro Food Truck joined the Lubbock food truck scene this summer, and it has received rave reviews ever since. We were lucky enough to visit the truck on a day that featured some of chef Tony’s favorites: Pig & the Peach (fried mozzarella, caramelized peaches and other goodness in an artisan bun), Shrimp & Grits (so good, they’re better than your mama’s grits) and Zensational Ribs (incredibly tender baby back ribs with an Asian apple sauce flair). Delicious is clearly Farm to Fork’s standard: I visited another day and also fell in love with the Avocado Piggy Burger (a pork, bacon, avocado and pineapple aioli masterpiece).

Here are just a few reasons you’ll be craving Farm to Fork every day of the week:

You never know what to expect on the menu.

Every day at Farm to Fork is something special. You name it, Farm to Fork makes it, and they do it well. Each plate costs $10, and these portions are West Texas approved.

There are just three items on the menu each day the truck operates, ranging from honey glazed salmon to burgers to sole and crawfish etouffee. The daily dishes are selected based on what produce and meats are locally available and in season.

For those with special dietary needs, just ask. Tony avoids cooking dishes with gluten when possible and always has fresh greens ready to make a vegetarian meal.

The menu changes daily, but you can always expect something delicious and local.

They locally source their ingredients.

If Tony is the fork, Albert is the farm. The duo strives to locally source ingredients to ensure each meal is fresh, including dairy from Pereira’s Pastures. The ingredients are sustainable, too. The shrimp and grits dish, for example, featured delectable and wild-caught shrimp.

When it comes to ingredients, Tony said it is all about knowing what is in Lubbock’s backyard. He can be found shopping early mornings at the Downtown Farmers Market while it’s in season, grabbing tomatoes or asking what farmers will have available soon.

Wild-caught shrimp served with creamy gouda cheese grits, espagnole sauce and crispy kale chips.

Every aspect of the dish has a (delicious) purpose.

Tony and Albert know what they are doing, and everything on a plate is there for a reason. The amount of sauce on a dish, for example, is purposely selected to not overwhelm taste buds. Each element on a plate perfectly blends to suit anyone’s palate. From start to finish, every dish is expertly crafted— they are even presented beautifully enough to immediately go on your Instagram feed.

Fried mozzarella, caramelized peaches — need we say more?

Prefer a brick-and-mortar location? That’s on the way.

A restaurant is scheduled to open in mid-November at 8310 E. FM 3523 Suite 110 in Ransom Canyon. The restaurant will be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and it will feature a full bar. Tony and Albert wanted to open the brick-and-mortar location in a scenic area that is a short drive from Lubbock. In addition to partnering with local wineries, Tony said local E3 Farm will be adding greenery, so fresh herbs like basil and arugula will be located throughout the eatery.

Don’t worry, the food truck will still operate once the restaurant opens. The team hopes a second food truck will be ready to serve downtown by summer 2018.

Rain or shine, the Farm to Fork Gastro Food Truck is ready to serve customers.

If you love good food as much as we do, Farm to Fork Gastro Truck needs to be on your must-try list. Find the latest menu on the truck’s Facebook page, as well as their lunch or dinner location. Tony and Albert can also be found at various events around town, making your foodie dreams come true.

Fast Facts

  • Location: Various spots around the “Hub City”
  • Phone (food truck): 806.466.4397
  • Phone (catering): 512.743.2676
  • Facebook:
  • Hours: 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. Tuesday – Friday, and 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. Saturday, or until they sell out


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