July 27, 2015

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“We got guys who jump. We got guys who swing. We got guys who climb up walls.”

It takes nothing short of The Tesseract or T.A.R.D.I.S to get to San Diego or New York, but now all you need is your own two feet to get the Comic Con experience. If you haven’t already, go ahead and mark your calendar as “saving the world” from Friday, Aug. 28 through Sunday, Aug. 30 (Friday for V.I.P purchasers only). You’ll be attending Lubbock’s very first Hub City Comic Con at the Lubbock Memorial Civic Center. Famous superhero characters, comic book artists and much more will be in attendance. The event is hosted by SilvrFire LLC., a West Texas convention company specializing in comic and pop culture events. We caught up with SilvrFire CEO Chris Slatosch to get more info on the upcoming show. We also slung some tips to the bottom to superpower your first Con.

1. What can attendees expect at this year’s Hub City Comic Con?

Hub City Comic Con Special Guests

Our first year will be an experience like Lubbock has yet to see! We will build a convention meant to examine what fans in the great Hub City want to see in the future. We will do a little bit of everything: board and card games, retro video game tournaments, celebrities, voice actors, panels, comics, comic artists, authors from various genres, vendors from all over Texas, cosplayers and popular vehicles from fan favorite television shows. It will truly be a taste of a well-rounded convention. Lubbock will show us exactly how big  the convention can become and what they want to see in the upcoming years!

2. Why should people buy tickets?

Why shouldn’t you? If you love the pop culture genre and everything mentioned above, you are going to spend an entire weekend on cloud 9! Surrounded by like-minded people, you will experience a network like you never have before. Come meet some amazing actors and guests, pick up that hard to find comic, and take pictures of that guy who created an iron man suit in his garage that rivals the real thing! There’s so much to do you won’t want the weekend to end.

3. Do you hope this will become an annual event?

Yes! Following the event we will let our growing fan base know if there will be a follow-up event. We personally want to bring this convention every single year and grow beyond measure. It’s up to the fans to let us know!

4. What are you personally looking most forward to?

Seeing kids and adults alike walk through the convention with smiling faces. Nothing beats creating something like this and making someone’s day. As long as we are able to do that for at least one fan, then we can call all of our hard work a success. Sharing things we love with people who also love them is a reward you can’t purchase.

Super Tips 101:

  • Wear a Backpack  – With 100+ vendors, you’re sure to leave with a lot of free swag. A backpack is the easiest way to carry it all. 9913991.09914000.0
  • Bring Snacks – There will be concessions, but you may need something on the go to make sure you’re not hangry (looking at you, Dr. Banner) before a panel.
  • Follow the Guests on Twitter – Sometimes you’ll miss the guests’ official meet & greet times, and a little online stalking will ensure you see all your favorites.9913989.0
  • Cosplay – There’s over a month left at the time of this post to get your attire ready. Although not required, cosplay will give you a-whole-nother experience and is a great way to meet new people.
  • Cash>Card – Nothing could dampen the experience like finding that ultra-rare comic or gadget that you’ve searched for, only to find out the vendor doesn’t accept your card.
  • Have an Extra Sharpie Ready – You’re likely to leave one at a signing and you never know who you’ll see on the floor.
  • Stay Charged – You’ll surely be taking and posting lots of photos. This will drain your battery so make sure to bring a charger or stay in airplane mode when not using.
  • Leave the Convention – This one may sound counterintuitive, but the area will be filled with like-minded friends. You’ll get to meet new people and explore the area a bit. If you’re getting a bite to eat, we recommend Italian Garden or Lee’s Cafe, both in walking distance.

All you need to do to join a lineup worthy of The Avengers is follow those tips and buy your tickets. For more Lubbock treks and adventures make sure to check out our events calendar.


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