West Texas Teams Disc Golf Tournament at Mae Simmons

May 29, 2021

2004 Oak Ave
Lubbock, TX 79404



This is a teams tournament consisting of 6 players. Teams must have:
2 – <900 rated player
2 – < 950 rated player
2 – Un capped players (Non rated players will be considered un-capped)
Team members ratings are validated the day before the event, not at signup.

The format of the event is each team will split in 3 – 2 players groups. The groups will play one of three different formats at each course(see flyer for details). Groups are decided by the team at the start of each round, the groups can change between rounds.

The sum of all of the teams score will dictate the winner. This is a fundraiser event so 30% goes to the club and 70% goes to the field. Payout will be top 3 teams (roughly 1st- 50%, 2nd -30%, 3rd – 20%).




For more information about this event please visit the website:



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