Taco Villa Presents: Rock The Hill at Cook’s Garage

Aug 3, 2024

Cook's Garage
11002 US-87 D
Lubbock, TX 79423

General Admission $50



Did you know there are more than 1,200 known languages in the world that still don’t have access to the Bible? That’s sobering, and the reason we decided to Rock the Hill. When you read the Old Testament, you’ll discover that worship was integral as the Israelites stepped into battle. In fact, the worshippers were the front line warriors who led the charge. Worship ushered in God’s presence. Worship acknowledged that the battle wasn’t theirs, but the Lord’s. Worship changed every aspect of the battles they stepped into. Ephesians  tells us that our battle isn’t against flesh and blood but a spiritual battle. God has us building the war chest so we can help end Bible poverty, reach the unreached, and embark on projects that will further his kingdom. As we do, we are following in the Israelites steps and leading with worship, so come join us as we Rock the Hill!


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