Build Your Own Floral Bouquet Workshop

Sep 27, 2023

Hodges Community Center
4011 University Avenue
Lubbock, TX 79413




Join professional wedding planner and flower enthusiast, Maddie Ward – owner of Sonnet Weddings, for a special class dedicated to building a floral bouquet.

Learn to create a hand-tied bouquet out of fresh flowers from the grocery store. You’ll learn great skills and be able to recreate the technique again and again. This is great practice for a wedding, hosting the holidays, giving a gift to a friend, or just for fun!
-Learn how to choose varieties from a grocery store or online wholesaler
-Look at inspiration photos and figure out a floral “recipe”
-Prepare flowers and greenery
-Learn and try out spiral technique for assembling bouquet
-Learn to tie bouquet with ribbon
-Socialize with other flower lovers!

This class will cost $30 to cover supplies.


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