Summer Sips & Sweets Across Lubbock

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junio 11, 2024

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By: Lindsey Neas

As the weather heats up and summer travel begins, it’s time to experience tasty summer drinks! Home to some of the most creative and tasty beverages in Texas, Lubbock has refreshment options galore. We’ve got you covered this season with our list of satiating summer sweets.

Soda at The Soda Shack

A local favorite, The Soda Shack  is a family-owned business that started as a singular food truck. Now with two store locations in addition to the food truck frequently on the move, The Soda Shack can be found throughout town. Stocked with classic soft drinks, fresh fruit, purees, syrups and more, there are drink combinations for everyone. 

Dr. Pepper lovers check out Peachy Keen, a drink featuring Dr. Pepper, peach and vanilla syrups and half and half. For something a little more crisp, try the Over The Rainbow Sprite drink with strawberry, peach and watermelon summer notes. For those who frequent The Soda Shack on Tuesdays, be sure to take advantage of double reward points! 

Summer Cocktail at Bodine’s

Whether they’re mixing up a classic or curating a house drink, Salón de cócteles de Bodine  is home to some of Lubbock’s best cocktails. This seated service parlor is designed to host small groups all evening. Reserve your table ahead of time to ensure space to enjoy craft cocktails and live music. Bodine’s Blister in the Sun cocktail is a spicy margarita shaken with the freshest ingredients. Summer sips also include Bodine’s version of a Moscow Mule, The Ginger Gimlet, which is light and refreshing. If you’re into the classics, try the parlor’s Old Fashioned for a tried and true cocktail experience. Learn more about cocktails in Lubbock aquí

Boba at West Straws Boba Tea

Founded by a local Vietnamese couple and now owned by the Spencers, West Straws Boba Tea offers an authentic boba tea shop experience. With teas brewed daily and recipes crafted to perfection, West Straws is known for its quality beverages. Order the Garden Blossom smoothie with honeydew, pineapple and passionfruit for a refreshing drink experience. The Pina Colada slush is another perfect summertime beverage with freshly blended pineapple and coconut. Don’t forget to add tapioca or your favorite popping pearls!

Tea at ThirsTeas

Founded in 2021, by five West Texas residents, ThirsTeas is all about producing high-quality tea with the best ingredients. ThirsTeas consistently develops its product,  working with the community to provide the perfect drinks. Try the sweet or unsweet Peach Tea or Mango Passion Fruit Tea this summer. Love the flavors? Half-gallon and full-gallon options are fan favorites. With more than just quality tea, pick up a gallon of ThirsTeas homemade Margarita Mix!

Sweet Treats at Happy’s

Happy’s Shaved Ice, Bubble Blends, Lemonades is the one-stop shop for sweet treats to beat the heat. Known for its snowcones and expansive list of flavors and customizations, Happy’s has it all. Try a Pink Lemonade or Cherry Cola snow cone for the ultimate refreshment. Home to more than just shaved ice, Happy’s fresh squeezes its lemonades daily and has plenty of boba options. Try the new banana popping boba in your favorite drink this season! Check out Happy’s Facebook to explore upcoming or current deals.

Summer-inspired Coffee at J&B’s

Located in the heart of Tech Terrace, Café J&B  is the perfect place to grab a cup of coffee and enjoy a local atmosphere. J&B has exotic coffee roasts and fresh baked goods always on hand. Continually coming up with new ideas, J&B’s seasonal menus are a coffee-lovers dream. The current spring menu features a Lavender Cold Brew Latte with homemade lavender syrup and a Berries and Cream Latte made with white mocha and juicy berries. Be on the lookout for the upcoming summer menu.

Grab your friends, family and car keys and make your way to Lubbock for these one-of-a-kind summer refreshments!


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