Coronel TS Lubbock

Calle Broadway 904, #101
Lubbock, TX 79403

Acerca de

County named for Texas Confederate Colonel T. S. Lubbock – 1817 – 1862

South Carolinian. Came to Texas 1835. Indian fighter, soldier, businessman. Member Secession Convention. Went to Virginia hoping to fight for South in first battle of war. Commended for valuable volunteer service as scout and reporting enemy troop positions in First Battle of Manassas. Sent to Texas to raise regiment for Army of Virginia. Upon organization, the 8th Texas Cavalry?”famed Terry’s Rangers?”elected him Lieutenant Colonel. Went to Kentucky. When Terry was killed, Rangers unanimously elected him Colonel. Ill with typhoid fever, he died soon after. Buried Glenwood Cemetery, Houston.

Texas In the Civil War – 1861 – 1865

Texas made an all-out effort for the Confederacy after a 3 to 1 popular vote for secession. 90,000 troops, famed for mobility and daring, fought on every battlefront. A 2,000 mile frontier and coast were successfully defended from Union troop invasion and savage Indians. Texas was the storehouse of Western Confederacy. Wagon trains laden with cotton- life blood of the South- crossed the state to Mexico to trade for medical supplies, clothing, military supplies. State and private industry produced guns, ammunition, wagons, pots, kettles, leather goods, salt, hospital supplies. Wives, sons, daughters, slaves provided corn, cotton, cloth, cattle, hogs, cured meats to the Army, giving much, keeping little for themselves.


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