It’s Time to Play Pickleball in Lubbock, Texas

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mayo 10, 2024

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By: Jess Merrill

It’s game time! Grab your paddle and get ready to find out why pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in the country. Make your way to Lubbock Indoor Pickleball (LIP) to play at the city’s first indoor facility. With affordable prices and a convenient location, LIP will be your new favorite attraction. 

If you’ve been wondering where to play pickleball in Lubbock, the wait is over!

The History of Pickleball

While this trending game developed in 1965, there’s no doubt it’s picked up some major traction in the last few years. Pickleball has quickly reached over 36.5 million players nationwide. This extremely social sport blends tennis, badminton and ping pong into a game full of good, fun competition. Join the masses of all ages and skill sets enjoying the game of physical and mental exercise.

Pick Your Partner and a Paddle

Lubbock Indoor Pickleball provides space for all skill levels to get their game on with ease. Visitors can play like a champion on one of the seven courts, five that are full size and two skinny courts designed for singles play. At LIP, you can reserve your court ahead of time to ensure you never have to wait. The facility is equipped with a heater and air conditioning to keep games going rain or shine!

Perfect for visitors, one time play is only $10, so you can easily drop in for the day. For those who frequent the city often, you can purchase a monthly membership. Their $59/month membership provides members with play 3x a week while their $89/month membership allows unlimited play. For special events, be sure to check out the private party room!

Open play and classes occur throughout the week to help advance players’ skills. On Wednesdays and Sundays, intro to pickleball classes are held for beginners. This is a great time for all those who have been eyeing the sport to finally kick start their practice. 

PSA: Friday night is college night! For $5, college students can join Lubbock Indoor Pickleball for pizza and pickleball from 7-10 p.m. For the full list of events, click aquí

Gear Up for Game Time

Arrive a little early to swing by the on-site pro shop to load up on all things pickleball. This one-stop-shop provides all you can dream of to start a successful pickleball career. From paddles to attire, you are sure to be ready for the court!

With summer just around the corner, and temperatures rising, there is no better time for an air-conditioned, indoor pickleball facility to join the Hub City. Grab some friends, make your way to Lubbock Indoor Pickleball and know you’ll be tearing up the court before you know it!


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