A Farm-to-Table Hidden Gem in Lubbock: The Co-Op Public House

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junio 03, 2024

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When you dine at The Co-Op Public House, you’ll leave with more than a full belly and satisfied cravings. The team behind this neighborhood pub crafts an experience that transcends the usual. And I think you’ll find it’s a spot where West Texas hospitality knows no end. 

In a candid conversation with Executive Chef Sal and Co-Owner Chris Chisolm, the purpose behind this innovative establishment comes to light. 

The Co-Op is a community hub, a place where guests are encouraged to linger, to connect and to savor the moment. 

“We want you to come out to dinner, sit at the table, eat your food and spend some time,” Sal said. “We’ve staffed appropriately to have the time to spend with our guests.”

That much is true. Don’t be surprised if you’re paid a visit by one of the masterminds behind The Co-Op during your meal. By the time you leave, I bet you’ll feel right at home in this cozy hangout off 50th St.

The Co-Op’s forward-thinking approach, sustainability efforts and seasonally-curated menu make it a culinary destination worth traveling for. 

With a commitment to quality, from sourcing ingredients locally to nurturing relationships with small-scale producers, the emphasis on farm-to-table isn’t just a buzzword here—it’s a way of life. 

“We’re truly Lubbock. If it’s sold here, it’s grown here or sourced here,” Sal said. 

With its on-site hydroponic farm, The Co-Op is redefining what it means to eat fresh, with ingredients harvested just steps away from the kitchen. Even better, the farm also provides produce for The Co-Op’s sister restaurants, The Co-Op Bakery & Bistro and Free Range Fry House.  

“We’re essentially trying to be our own supplier. At this point, the only things that we don’t produce for ourselves are gonna be root vegetables, like carrots or potatoes,” Sal said.

What sets The Co-Op apart isn’t just the food—it’s the vision driving it. From the executive chef to the front-of-house staff, everyone shares a passion for food and a commitment to excellence. 

“I’m just a guy that really likes to cook,” Sal said. “I like enjoying food with other people.”

Classic family dinners with loved ones gathered around the table is a tradition important to both Sal and Chris, and it’s one they hope is translated through the service at The Co-Op. 

With a focus on continuous improvement, every dish is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

At The Co-Op, the menu reflects a commitment to seasonality, offering diners a taste of the freshest produce and flavors. 

Even the accouterments used in dishes like the spring salad, with its refreshing blend of cantaloupe and sunflower microgreens, are grown on-site. The roasted mushrooms are also a must-try. Local mushrooms from E3 Farms, black garlic soy butter and microgreens make this ‘For the Table’ starter one you can’t pass up. (Mushroom haters, give it a try! I’ve been converted.) 

I could go on and on about the menu offerings at The Co-Op. So, if time allows, let me walk you through a few more dish highlights. 

We tried the Bacon & Bleu burger, and it’s simply divine. Cambozola cheese, bacon and tomato jam make up this wholesome bite, but, dare I say, the house-made bun, might be the star of the show! And don’t get us started on the sweet potato chips- thin, crispy, salty and a hint of sweetness. This pairing is a match made in culinary heaven. The Mediterranean Pie, Piquillo Chicken Sandwich and Sour Cream Cake with lemon curd were also some of our favorites, but I promise, you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu.

P.S. All of the bread is made from scratch in-house daily at the Bakery & Bistro. 

With each visit, guests can expect a dining experience that not only delights the palate but also celebrates the bounty of the local landscape, making every meal at The Co-Op a true culinary journey through West Texas’s vibrant flavors and seasonal delights.

So why should visitors choose The Co-Op? Because there, every meal is more than just a transaction—it’s an invitation to be part of something bigger. Those eager to experience Lubbock’s culinary scene should partake in this dining experience unlike any other. 

And with two additional locations to explore, there’s no shortage of opportunities to savor the flavors of The Co-Op. From Southern-inspired fried chicken to artisanal sandwiches and baked goods, each concept offers a unique take on the signature Co-Op experience.

In the end, The Co-Op isn’t just a restaurant—it’s a testament to what happens when passion, creativity and community come together. The product of a hard-working team that works to evolve daily. 

“Come here today, you will have a great experience. But come here six months from now and see me, and I bet you it’s three times better,” Sal said, reflecting the restaurant’s commitment to continuous improvement and excellence.

So come for the food, stay for the atmosphere and leave knowing that you’ve been part of something truly special during your stay in the LBK.


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