Eat Barbecue like a Local

Written By Lacie Freelen

August 16, 2022

A wise person once said, “If it ain’t barbecue, it ain’t food.” I’m starting to believe they knew what they were talking about. Recently, I decided to take my talent for eating anything and everything and put it to use. So, I loosened a belt buckle and prepared for the food coma heading my way. From smoked sausage to tender brisket, take a look at these mouthwatering barbecue joints in “Hub City.”

My first stop on this wood-grilled journey was Evie Mae’s Pit-Barbeque. This place has been the talk of the town since it arrived in Lubbock. After my visit, I understand why mouth waters at the sound of hearing the name Evie Mae’s.  

My first bite was into their pulled pork sandwich. This sandwich was a whole bunch of flavor sitting between two perfectly toasted buns. After I used a questionable amount of their sweet, delicious barbecue sauce (with a key secret ingredient they may or may not share with you) I couldn’t bring myself to put the sandwich down.  To continue the list of must-tries at this BBQ hot spot, next was the infamous German sausage. Whether you like the kick cheddar jalepeno or tradition German sausage, either option is the right choice.

As far as sides are concerned, you can do no wrong. My personal favorite are the green beans, which are rightfully cooked in bacon grease and feature bits of bacon in each bite, and the cheesy grits. It wouldn’t be a BBQ plate without the cornbread, and just like everything else on the menu, it’s gluten-free!

Arrive early to this Texas Monthly-recognized No. 8 Best BBQ Joint in Teas, as they run on a first come first serve basis and this is one you don’t want to miss. While in line, enjoy a refreshing, free beer to beat the West Texas sun!

To continue this meat-lovers’ dream food tour, I made my way to Hill Barbecue on 34th Street. Located at the Yellow House Coffee, the iconic yellow brick building brings the heat with delicious meats, sides, and desserts. Y’all. I don’t even know where to begin, so let’s start with the juicy, tender brisket seasoned to perfection. The smoked turkey is my honorable mention. When I first think of barbecue, turkey is never considered. Now, I can’t get the full flavor from all of the natural juices off of my mind. Each tender bite melts immediately in your mouth. The salt and pepper rub makes for the perfect crisp side and piles on even more flavor that I thought imaginable.

Once I was done fawning over the extraordinary flavors of the meat, I decided it was time to try some sides. I dove mouth tastebuds first into the mac and cheese, which was hands-down the best mac of my life. The soft noodles drowning in a rich cheesy sauce is every mac lover’s dream. If there is one item on a barbecue menu I can’t go without, it’s obviously the cornbread. The perfect pairing of sweet to the rest of the meal’s savory, this cornbread rivals the sweetest of competition. Just trust me on this one.

Hill Barbecue recently moved into a brick-and-mortar location from their infamous food truck located in the Arts District downtown. In addition to smoked meats, the masterminds behind the scenes are taking on a new Lubbock love: craft coffee. Open weekdays for coffee, this is a must-stop on your way to work or a great lunch spot to break up your day.

My last stop was the perfect late-night bite from Big E’s. If you find yourself out and about in the Depot District between 8 p.m. to 2 a.m., I strongly suggest making a pit stop here. Big E’s gave me a new experience in the way I eat barbecue. First, start by wrapping your choice of meat and toppings in a toasted tortilla. I decided to go with all three choices and try chicken, sausage and brisket. Topped with pico de gallo and hot sauce, the freshly-grilled chicken turned out to be my favorite of the three. I found it to have more of a sweet taste to it, giving it a unique tang. 

At this point, I was so full of barbecue I could barely breathe, but I pushed through for the brisket taco, and boy was it worth it. This brisket was covered in a savory sauce, each piece just as juicy as the last. Despite my now immense food coma, I did eat all three tacos. You just can’t pass up food that good. Come hungry and watch this amazing barbecue get made right in front of you! 

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