Destination Spotlight: DEFINE body & mind

Written By Katherine White

January 29, 2018


One fitness studio. Five fitness methods. Have we found the queen of all fitness boutiques? Yes, my friends, it seems as though we have. This means one membership with a variety of options all under one roof. DEFINE body & mind is a boutique fitness studio offering a combination of barre, cycling, yoga, trampoline and hammock classes to keep you toned and healthy this year.

Each class is designed to get your entire body moving all while working the mind for complete health and wellness. Everything at DEFINE works synergistically to deliver total wellness through strength, length and balance.

Here’s just a glimpse of what you can experience at DEFINE:

Body (Pilates, barre & yoga)

This results-oriented class combines Pilates, yoga, ballet and core strengthening techniques for the ultimate strengthening and lengthening total body workout.

Rev (cycling)

Rev is the heart-pounding cardio workout of an indoor cycling class paired with DEFINE body to up the ante on your workout. It’s a high-intensity class aimed at giving you a cardio workout while your core and upper body reap the benefits of isometric movements that sculpt and tone every muscle.

Bounce (trampoline)

This class is a low-impact, high-intensity workout designed to free your spirit and create serious results. With the focus on improving your cardio health and stimulating both large and small muscle groups, DEFINE bounce gets your heart rate and body moving.

Mind (hammock)

What more can one possibly do with a hammock other than relax? Yoga postures and the use of easy to navigate props with an experienced instructor helps release muscle tension in the body while rejuvenating your mind.

While the new year is well underway, DEFINE takes a resolution and makes it come to life – body and mind.

Check out their website for information on prices, special events and more. Share your DEFINE experiences with us using #LiveLoveLubbock.


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