Destination Spotlight: Coyote Candle Co.

Written By Katherine White

April 27, 2017

#Shopping #Specialty Stores

Have you ever come across a store that makes you think, “how is this even real, but I’m so glad it is?” Enter Lubbock’s unicorn of home decor – Coyote Candle Co. Possibly the 8th wonder of the world, Coyote Candle Co. is more than just candles. MUCH more. If I could use even bigger letters to get that point across, I would. If you have ever explored this retail wonder, you know exactly what I mean.

When I asked owner Tammy Endsley, how they went from a small candle company to the booming business they have today, she simply laughed and said, “Well, we needed something to put the candles on.” And while there are now plenty of places to hold candles, Coyote Candle Co. continues to curate some of the most unique decor in town.

Before you even hit the front door, the metal works alone are enough to make your shopping experience worthwhile. There is something interesting, colorful and (sometimes) gargantuan around every corner. This is why you will see shoppers of all ages, male and female, perusing these artistic wonders.

As you can already see, they have A LOT of everything, but their wide selection of pots is what truly sets them apart. From beautiful teals to muted neutrals, there is a pot for every plant. Tammy shared that after counting, they carry over 10,000 pots. Yes, you read that correctly – 10,000.

As you enter the building, you are taken aback by elegance, texture and a genuine feeling of home. Although Coyote Candle Co. has gotten too busy for interior design off-site, they do help with home furnishing and decor on-site.

The one thing Tammy truly wants her customers to know before visiting is that they cater to a wide variety of tastes. Although many things seem rustic, it became clear to me as I snapped photos that there is something for every style.

The reason we chose Coyote Candle Company as a Destination Spotlight is because you can spend AT LEAST half the day exploring the entire store, and still have missed something great. Just when you think you’ve looked through everything, and there’s no way you can find something else, you spot yet another unique piece that you just can’t help but leave with. I can say this because my wallet was harmed in the making of this blog, and it hurt – it hurt so good.

So grab your girls, your husband or even your kids, and remember two things – walk slow and don’t forget to go upstairs.

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