Day 7’s “Hub City Hot Spot” is…

Written By Katherine White

May 09, 2014


In celebration of National Travel & Tourism Week (May 3-11), the Visit Lubbock Team surveyed thousands of past visitors to Lubbock asking them to share their favorite places to visit, eat and see. Based on those responses, we determined the top nine locations that past visitors feel every local and future visitor to Lubbock should experience. One thing is for certain, our visitors were unanimous about grabbing a bite to eat at Spanky’s. Spankys3 A Lubbock icon since 1982, Spanky’s is known for serving delicious old style burgers, chicken sandwiches and what they proudly boast as “the coldest beer on the planet.” But there are three words you are bound to hear while standing in line to place your order at this popular hotspot, “FRIED CHEESE PLEASE!” Personally, I have never experienced better fried cheese in my life. It’s oozzzingg cheesy deliciousness can melt any heart!

When Spanky’s opened in 1982, current owner Lisa West, was still attending Monterey High School here in Lubbock. The restaurant was where Lisa would meet her best friend, Barbara Bridges Deason, to eat and hangout. Little did she know that one day she would own her favorite place and work with her dear friend, Barbara. In 1987, the original owners put Spanky’s up for sale, and at the age of 21, Lisa became the proud owner of the restaurant. It’s grown significantly from its beginning of seating 20 people to now having the capability of hosting 222 guests. Through it all, one thing has remained the same, the character, the charm and the best fried cheese a gal (or guy) could hope for!

spankys-(11-of-34)Today’s winner of the “Hub City Hotspot” Prize Pack is Claire Maginness. Be sure to check Visit Lubbock’s Facebook page tomorrow morning to guess the eighth “Hub City Hotspot” according to previous visitors to Lubbock.



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