Celebrating Easter at Home

Written By McKenna Dowdle

April 06, 2020

Celebrating a holiday dedicated to hope and faith is exactly what we need during this time. Social distancing, stay-in-place protocol and other guidelines set by our local leaders will make this Sunday anything but conventional. We at Visit Lubbock hope that among all of the uncertainty, celebrating this significant and special day will bring you closer to your loved ones. So, grab your eggs and baskets because the Easter Bunny is on his way and we have compiled a list of ideas to make this Sunday one your family will never forget! 

Easter Eggs

Grab the kiddos, colors and Crayons, it’s time to get decorating! Coloring eggs is a must and with the help of a kit it can be a breeze. Whether you brave the grocery store or choose to order your loot online, make sure to include all the essentials to your list like vinegar, food coloring or a coloring kit and, of course, eggs. If you find you have fallen victim to the seemingly apocalyptic store shelves, check out these local restaurants that have created make-shift markets with the ingredients they don’t use. 

Ike’s Woodfire Grill
4414 82nd St Suite #218

Teddy Jacks
7205 Milwaukee Ave
(806) 698-6997

Funky Door
6801 Milwaukee Ave

11814 Indiana Ave #3

6015 82nd Suite #5

Now that the eggs have dried and are the perfect shades of pink, blue and yellow, it’s time for the Easter egg hunt! Due to community and other hunts being canceled, we are left to brainstorm the most challenging hiding places around the house and backyard. Even without the space of a large field, the living room or backyard are the perfect alternatives. With a little innovation and a lot of creativity, your hiding places will rival those of the tall grasses in parks. Some ideas may include the light bulb slot in a lamp or creating a scavenger hunt around the yard rather than a free for all. You know what they say, “all is fair in love and Easter egg hunts.” If you have little ones and are worried about real eggs, try hiding filled plastic ones. 

Easter Dinner

All of that hunting is sure to have worked up an appetite. I don’t know about you but I have been dreaming of devilled eggs, endless amounts of potatoes and the perfectly glazed ham for months. Luckily for all of us in Lubbock, Glazed Honey Ham has us covered in the meat department. Whether you are feeding a small group this year or are looking for a week’s worth of leftovers, they have both smaller 1-2 pound packages as well as half hams available. Call them today at 806-793-5050 to put in your order! 

If cooking isn’t an option for you this year, don’t worry! Local restaurants in our community such as Crafthouse Gastropub, Stacked, The Farmhouse Restaurant, Evie Mae’s Pit Barbeque, Burklee Hill, King Street Pub, The Funky Door and Saltgrass Steak House. have created Easter lunch and dinner options available for carryout. Enjoy a mouthwatering pot roast or the cornish game hen this Sunday and support local businesses. Pass the rolls, please! 

Pro tip: Stop by Crave Creperie & Dessert Bar for desserts and DIY cookie kits!

Because we are not able to celebrate physically with all of our family this year, utilize online calling through Zoom for larger family calls or Facetime chats. 

Easter Services

One of my favorite things about Lubbock is how we all unite in faith. Throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, local congregations have been gracious and shown charity toward the Lubbock community. This Easter Sunday, however you choose to worship, join the Turning Point Community Church at the Stars and Stripes Drive-In Theater for Easter Sunday at the Drive-In. All faiths are invited to attend. The gates will open at 8 that evening and services will begin at 8:30 p.m. Victory Life will also be having services and the drive-in on Sunday morning at 10 a.m as well as Trinity Church at 7:30 p.m. I can’t think of a more perfect time to turn to Christ for peace and hope in the future than right now. For more options on how to worship on Easter Sunday, check online at your local congregation’s website or social media pages for online services. 

As you gather with your family and send messages of love to your friends, show us how you put an at-home twist on the Easter festivities using #LiveLoveLubbock! 


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