Boot Scootin’ Boogie on to the ABC Rodeo

Written By Katherine White

March 13, 2014


It’s time for cowboy hats, cowboy boots and cowboy fun for the 72nd Annual ABC Pro Rodeo from Thursday, March 27 through Saturday, March 29 at the City Bank Coliseum (4th Street and Boston Avenue)! This is a perfect family-friendly event or a great night out with your closest friends and is put on by the Lubbock AMBUCS Chapter.

rodeoNationally, the American Business Clubs (AMBUCS) mission is to “create independent lifestyles for people with disabilities.” Locally, the AMBUCS mission is to support the Lubbock Boys & Girls Club and other local charities. The local club has provided operational funding for more than 60 years to the organization for Lubbock’s children. Over the years, the Lubbock AMBUCS chapter has donated in excess of $1 million to Lubbock charities and support groups with funds generated by the ABC Pro Rodeo.

rodeo 2Want to know more about what to expect at the ABC Pro Rodeo? Here’s the list of must-see activities:

  • Saddle bronc – Saddle bronc riding is rodeo’s classic event, both a compliment and contrast to the wilder spectacles of bareback riding and bull riding. This event requires strength to be sure, but the event also demands style, grace and precise timing.
  • Bareback – Bareback riders endure more abuse, suffer more injuries and carry away more long-term damage than all other rodeo cowboys. To stay aboard the horse, a bareback rider uses a rigging made of leather and constructed to meet the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) safety specifications.
  • Steer Wrestling – Speed and strength are the name of the game in steer wrestling. The objective of the steer wrestler, who is also known as a “bulldogger,” is to use strength and technique to wrestle a steer to the ground as quickly as possible.
  • Calf Roping – As with saddle bronc riding and team roping, the roots of tie-down roping can be traced back to the working ranches of the Old West. When calves were sick or injured, cowboys had to rope and immobilize them quickly for veterinary treatment. Ranch hands prided themselves on the speed with which they could rope and tie calves, and they soon turned their work into informal contests.
  • Barrel Racing – This all-women’s rodeo event is a display of fine horsemanship as the rider and horse maneuver through a course racing against the clock. Timing is truly everything in barrel racing as a contestant’s run is measured in hundredths of a second.
  • Mutton Bustin’ – Mutton bustin’ is an event similar to bull riding or saddle bronc, in which children ride or race sheep. It’s the cutest event at the rodeo! Registration info for mutton bustin’ is here.
  • Bull Riding – Often the most anticipated event in a rodeo, bull riding (which is intentionally climbing on the back of a 2,000-pound bull) emerged from the fearless and possibly fool-hardy nature of the cowboy. The risks are obvious. Serious injury is always a possibility for those fearless enough to sit astride an animal that literally weighs a ton and is usually equipped with dangerous horns.

Think you can handle the heat at this year’s ABC Pro Rodeo? Join us from March 27 – 29 at the City Bank Coliseum. For more info and for tickets, visit


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