Author: Courtney Killian

Mobile Munchies

The burgeoning food truck scene in Lubbock has made its mark and it’s here to stay. From classic BBQ to farm-to-table gourmet, here’s the rundown on just a few of our favorite food trucks in the 806! Hill BarbecueTrue Texas barbecue is made with true Texas grit. Known for flavorful, fall-off-the-bone ribs and tender brisket,

Foodie Favorites: Lee’s Cafe

From the moment you walk into Lee’s Cafe, you’re immediately hit with the sensational smell of crispy fried chicken, slow-simmered green beans and a hint of down-home cooking nostalgia. From the onset of opening the first location in downtown Lubbock more than six years ago, owners Robert and Dorothy Lee have claimed the unofficial title

The Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Sciences

Imagine enjoying your favorite international artist in the front row of a world-class, acoustically pristine theater. Or relaxing in a luxurious VIP lounge listening to a private performance. Or how about attending an elegant gala with an impressive backdrop of a grand spiral staircase? Come 2020, these visions will all come to light. After Lubbock

Foodie Favorites: Harrigan’s

They’re baaaaaack. After long-awaited anticipation, Harrigan’s Prime Grill is now officially re-opened! This Lubbock favorite is serving up the same high quality of service, mouth-watering food and hand-crafted libations that Lubbockites remember (those zucchini chips, am I right?). After opening their doors last month, I had been chomping at the bit (quite literally) to eat