A-T-E in the 806: Burger Goals

Written By McKenna Dowdle

March 02, 2021

Would you like fries with that? Grab extra napkins because we’ve compiled a list of our favorite Lubbock burgers. Go ahead, “meat” up with your buds to enjoy a burger at one of these noteworthy spots. You deserve it.

Photo Courtesy of King Street Pub Facebook

King Street Pub 
8004 Indiana Ave. #B18  | 806.993.1010
Step out of your comfort zone at local favorite, King Street Pub. Offering Tex-eclectic Victorian fare, this steampunk pub and bar has a variety of tantalizing handhelds, each creatively named after a classic piece of literature. We recommend the Sure Thing Sherlock, a burger generously topped with green chile pimento cheese.

Pro tip: wash down with an expertly-crafted Old Fashioned. 

811 University Ave.  | 806.744.5677
At this local favorite, you come for the fried cheese but you stay for the old style burgers. Whether you like it with cheese, pickles, or plain, this tried-and-true Lubbock staple will satisfy your burger craving with its high quality beef and fresh toppings. 

Photo Courtesy of Christakis Facebook

1111 34th St. | 806.744.6833
From the outside, it looks like a burger shack built in the ‘50s, but on the inside it looks like your grandma’s house decked out in Red Raider and Texas memorabilia. The menu features the popular Red Raider Burger that includes double meat and double cheese, nachos, hot dogs, gyros and even a Philly cheesesteak. We highly recommend the Christakis Burger, an unusual, but incredible, combination of pastrami and cheese melting down the side of the burger, lettuce, tomato, onions and pickles that all synchronize in perfect flavor harmony.  

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