A Day at CapRock Winery

Written By Katherine White

May 01, 2013


Who doesn’t like a great-tasting beverage to help wind down after a long day? While I’m admittedly not the biggest wino around, I do enjoy a great glass every now and then. Little did I know, I live in a region of Texas that produces 70 percent of Texas wine grapes. Maybe now I’ll start building a longer list of favorite wines! Before I can build that list, I wanted to know how wine is made and the process from literally grapes to a flavorful liquid.

My colleague, Daniel, and I ventured to a Lubbock favorite, CapRock Winery, for a little 101 on wine-making—or the technical term, vinification. CapRock Winery has won 27 awards to date and produced more than 20,000 cases of wine just this year. We were grateful to receive a tour and explanation of the history of the winery.

CapRock WineryCapRock was established in 1988 and was originally named, Teysha Cellar. In 1992, a Houston investment group bought the winery and named it CapRock Winery. Have you ever wondered how it received that name? Caprock is actually a geological feature of the region and was chosen to name the new winery.

Currently, CapRock produces 19 wines including red, white, blush and a few unusual wines that are an up and coming trend in the Texas area because of the great conditions for grapes. These wines are Chenin Blanc, a white blend and Roussane, a creamy white wine that has won five awards. Another popular wine from CapRock is the Sweet Tempranillo, a red wine that pairs perfect with a Texas favorite, barbeque.

Lucky for us, a local grape farmer just finished harvesting his crop and was sending the grapes through the wine-making process. Take a look at these photos from behind the scenes at CapRock Winery.

Grape Sifting

Next time you need a great glass (or bottle) of wine, head over to CapRock Winery! Don’t forget to visit their gift shop where you can stock up on items such as wine stoppers, wine coolers, wine glasses and much more.


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