A Cup of Coffee With a Mission: TOVA Coffeehouse

Written By McKenna Dowdle

June 16, 2021

At TOVA Coffeehouse, quality drinks and pastries meet a worthwhile cause. Not only does this local cafe serve up a diverse menu of food items to pair with craft coffee, tea and other specialty drinks, guests are met with the opportunity to take part in its philanthropic mission. Each item is created with one thing in mind: to do good. 

TOVA is a mission-based, non-profit coffeehouse focused on alleviating poverty in the Lubbock community. TOVA, meaning to do good in Hebrew, strives to do good in all that they do, whether it be pouring a cup of coffee or advocating for other local non-profit charities in the city like The Children’s Home of Lubbock and West Texas Boys Ranch. 

This coffee shop’s craft is more than just ethically sourced coffee beans and top-quality ingredients. With a vision to grow a garden of good through sustainable change, TOVA encourages all its guests to recognize and celebrate the image of God in all people, empower everyone and build bridges by connecting with those in poverty to create solutions. Each cup of coffee has the power to create positive change in the “Hub City”.

When visiting TOVA’s 82nd Street location, visitors are immediately immersed in the mission of the organization as it is thoughtfully included in the decor on the walls. Paired with the delectable scent of roasted coffee beans and homemade poptarts, the organic and natural textures throughout the coffeehouse are detailed in the wooden tables, live plants, and green color, offering a feeling of peace and connection to its invitation extended to everyone who visits to plant seeds and “grow good” in Lubbock. 

TOVA also features a retail shop in their cafe which includes beer-can-style glasses and mugs with its logo, kettles, french presses and apparel. Guests can also purchase the cold brew four-pack as well as the cafe’s signature beans from Greater Goods Coffee Co.

 When perusing the menu, we recommend trying a few of our favorites. If you are a coffee connoisseur looking to expand your palate, order the seasonal favorite lavender latte. This creamy drink features the perfect hint of lavender, giving it a delicious floral kick for your summer morning. A must-try, the Cuban is a steamy, half-and-half mixture poured over a double shot of espresso. Trust us, this will be the wake up call you need.

If a Chai Latte is more your cup of tea, you won’t be disappointed with TOVA’s spicy blend of chai mixed with your choice of milk over ice! The Matcha Latte is also a one-of-a-kind drink that the TOVA has simply perfected! 

Order any of these drinks alongside one of their many delectable, yet flavor-packed pastries or breakfast items. You can’t go wrong ordering the housemade strawberry poptart! You’ll never go back to the ordinary poptarts again. For breakfast, The Famous Breakfast Sammie, made with candied bacon(um… can it get better than that?), fresh egg and cheese, paired with salsa is the creme de la creme!

Next time you are looking for a breakfast option, a quick cup of coffee to jumpstart your day, or a fresh spot to study, consider TOVA Coffeehouse. Check out their recently opened second location at the Lubbock VA Outpatient Clinic and share your favorite TOVA Coffeehouse menu item using #LiveLoveLubbock on social media! 


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