9 Lubbock Speakers Who Will Make Your Event Memorable

Written By Katherine White

February 07, 2017


When I’m deciding whether or not I will attend an event, the first step I take is to check out the speaker lineup. For event planners, booking exceptional speakers is vital to hosting a successful conference. On the flip side, it can take quite a bit of time and quickly become expensive. The good news is that the “Hub City” is home to a variety of first-rate speakers. From world-renowned scientists to artists and business leaders, each can add something truly special to your next conference or event. The best part: you’ll save money since you won’t have to cover travel expenses.

The list of speakers in Lubbock is extensive so we picked some to showcase the wide variety of topics and experts available for your next event. With numerous colleges and universities in the city, not to mention, a variety of museums, a thriving agricultural industry and some of Texas’ leading wineries, Lubbock is full of people who can captivate, entertain and educate.

Çağrı Mert Bakırcı

Founder/CEO of Tree of Evolution, Ph.D. Candidate at the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas Tech University

Çağrı Mert Bakırcı is the founder and CEO of the largest evolutionary biology and popular science organization in Turkey, educating the country using modern science. He has given speeches across Turkey on how evolution shapes modern science. Çağrı is an expert on evolutionary biology and its applications in the field of engineering. He is also a Ph.D. student on evolutionary robotics, investigating how robots evolve through the principles of biological evolution and how we can use them to build more complex structures.

Check out Bakırcı’s TedXTexasTechUniversity Talk.

Topics available to present on: Çağrı is available to speak about the importance of science, stories from scientific history, how science can be used for the betterment of humanity, evolutionary biology and how to incorporate science into your daily life and business. He can present on a wide variety of topics on scientific thinking, processing and progress.

Advance booking: Minimum two to four weeks in advance.

Contact/Booking information: cagrimertbakirci@gmail.com


Image courtesy of Facebook

Image courtesy of Facebook

The Climate Science Center (CSC) at Texas Tech University

Co-Directors: Dr. Katharine Hayhoe and Dr. John Zak

The Climate Science Center (CSC) serves as the regional hub for information on the impact of climate change on soil processes, plant productivity, conservation initiatives and other issues related to nature and agribusiness. They provide the information and tools to connect the decisions we make today to the conditions we will face in the future, with the goal of ensuring our resilience in the face of a changing climate.

Watch CSC Co-Director Dr. Katharine Hayhoe’s discussion with President Obama and Leonardo DiCaprio at SXSL.
Browse past presentations on the CSC’s YouTube channel.

Topics available to present on: With more than 25 Texas Tech University faculty members in various interdisciplinary fields such as natural resources management, political science, engineering, sociology and geosciences, the CSC presents on a number of topics in relevance to climate. Topics include human health, water policies, renewable energy, wildlife, climate variability, agriculture, wetland ecology and vector borne diseases.

Contact/Booking information: www.depts.ttu.edu/csc, 806.742.2011

Dr. Christian Conrad

Lecturer in Art History, Independent Scholar and Artist

Dr. Conrad holds a Ph.D. in Fine Art, a Master of Fine Arts and a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Two-Dimensional Art. He has been the featured lecturer in art history for the Museum of Texas Tech University’s Museum Association’s Arts History Lecture Series since 2011. In 2015, he developed Saturdays at LHUCA in partnership with art curator Linda Cullum, which is an art history lecture series. He is also a professional studio artist who creates a variety of artworks, from paper collages and videos to oil paintings. 

Topics available to present on: Dr. Conrad can lecture on any topic in art history, but he specializes in American art, European art, modern art and individual artist biographies. 

Advance booking: A minimum of one month in advance is preferred.

Contact/Booking information: conradmerz13@gmail.com, www.conradmerz.com

Image courtesy of Facebook

Image of Scotty Hensler courtesy of Facebook

Scotty Hensler, MFA

Assistant Director, Landmark Arts, Exhibitions and Speaker Programs

Texas Tech University School of Art
J.T. & Margaret Talkington College of Visual & Performing Arts
Scotty is a member of the Texas Tech University System Public Art Committee. Throughout the year, he coordinates hundreds of exhibitions and events that connect local artists to the larger community. He was selected to install an art exhibition at the New York University Library and is a recipient of the Texas Tech Alumni Association Top Techsan Award that recognizes a select few Texas Tech staff who exemplify team spirit and extraordinary work proficiency.

Topics available to present on: Scotty can present on exhibition practices, artist professional practices, art and community outreach.

Advance booking: Minimum two weeks in advance.

Contact/Booking information: scotty.hensler@ttu.edu, 806.834.6516

Patty Johnson

Licensed Professional Counselor Intern

Patty created the Activity Therapy departments at University of Texas Medical Branch and Charter Plains Hospitals and she expanded the Healing Arts Programs at LHUCA. In addition, Patty has a Master of Education and 40 years of volunteer experience at a variety of nonprofits including Medical Society Alliance, American Red Cross, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, Meals on Wheels and Girl Scouts. She raised five children and then established her third career once they became independent.

Topics available to present on: Patty speaks on wellness and eating disorders in seminars titled: The Art of Healing, Extending a Hand and Finding Magic in the Moments.

Advance booking: A minimum of one month in advance is preferred.

Contact/Booking information: pmjohnson7@gmail.com

Barent (Barry) McCool, Ph.D., LCDR, USN. Ret.

Associate Professor and Doctoral Adviser, Hospitality and Retail Management
Texas Tech University

Dr. McCool has researched and published studies covering cancer and obesity risks and crisis management in the hospitality industries. He was a high school dropout and then went on to earn his Doctorate of Philosophy. Dr. McCool served as a combat marine in the Vietnam War and his son, William “Willie” C. McCool, was the pilot of NASA’s Space Shuttle Columbia. He says if you have the drive and motivation, you can do anything you want.

Topics available to present on: Dr. McCool presents on managing personal crises, how to write a crisis management plan for a business, the NASA Space Program, hazards of skin cancer and oral cancer through use of tobacco products, exposure to the sun and melanoma and the problems associated with athletes’ use of tobacco products.

Contact/Booking information: barent.mccool@ttu.edu, 806.834.2199


Image of Robert Peaslee courtesy of the College of Media & Communication

Robert Peaslee, Ph.D.
Associate Professor and Chair, Department of Journalism & Electronic Media
Texas Tech University

Dr. Peaslee is the chairperson for Texas Tech University’s Journalism and Electronic Media department with experience in journalism, public relations, marketing and publication design and production. He is the co-chair for the Flatland Film Festival and the coordinator for the TTU International Film Series.

Topics available to present on: Dr. Peaslee presents on film, tourism, media festivals, comics and sequential art.

Advance booking: A minimum of six weeks in advance is preferred.

Contact/Booking information: robert.peaslee@ttu.edu, 806.834.2562

Chad Plunket

Director, Charles Adams Studio Project

Independent Artist

Chad earned a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture and a Master of Landscape Architecture in Urban Renewal. He oversees the day-to-day operations as well as long-term planning of the Charles Adams Studio Project (CASP). His art has been commissioned for Covenant Hospital, the Texas Department of Transportation, Blue Mesa Southwest Grill, the Science Spectrum & Omni Theater and numerous private homeowners.

Topics available to present on: Chad is available to speak on topics including the arts as urban renewal, art districts, careers in the arts, a case for the arts and the CASP.

Advance booking: A minimum of one month in advance is preferred.

Contact/Booking information: chadplunket@hotmail.com, 806.928.4529

Image courtesy of Texas Tech University System

Image of Emily Wilkinson courtesy of Texas Tech University System

Emily Wilkinson, M.A., M.Ed.

Director of Public Art for the Texas Tech University System

Emily directs the Public Art Program at the Texas Tech University System, one of the top 10 public art collections in the U.S., named by Public Art Review. She was named one of Lubbock’s Top Twenty Under Forty in 2015 by the Lubbock Chamber of Commerce and the Young Professionals of Lubbock.
Topics available to present on: Emily can speak on topics related to public art, working with living artists, sculpture maintenance and conservation, collaboration and the Texas Tech Public Art program.

Advance booking: A minimum of one month in advance is preferred.

Contact/Booking information: emily.wilkinson@ttu.edu, 806.742.2116

For more local speakers, contact the Visit Lubbock Team! If you already have your speakers lined up, Visit Lubbock can help with other tasks including hotel bookings and venue acquisition to take your event in Lubbock to the next level.


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