5 Reasons to Visit the Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark

Written By Katherine White

August 05, 2016


The Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark is the original Lubbock attraction. Smithsonian Magazine even declared it as one of the top five places to see evidence of early Americans. In fact, evidence of human habitation from 12,000 years ago makes it one of the oldest attractions in the Americas. Due to its nearly complete record of human activity within well-stratified and well-dated geological deposits, the Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark is also one of the most important archaeological sites, detailing a piece of cultural and natural heritage to Lubbock and our nation. You can spend hours outside on the trails and inside the museum, but we’re sharing five reasons you must check it out on your next visit to the “Hub City.”

1. Murals

Lubbock Lake Landmark Murals Web

The beautifully painted murals are creative takes on possible scenes from various eras of history. The above photo shows all the types of wildlife present in the area over 8,000 years ago.

2. Dioramas

Lubbock Lake Landmark Diorama web

Dioramas are a way to step back in time and see historical scenes of the human experience. From creation of projectile points to efficient use of the whole animal, this depiction shows each individual’s role in a bison hunt.

3. Trails

Lubbock Lake Landmark flowers web

Stop and smell the flowers. While Night Hikes are one of our favorite monthly events, you don’t have to wait. The trails are open for exploring Tuesday through Sunday. It’s a hotspot for recreational hikers and a quick jog. Stay on the lookout for arrowheads, fossils and trail markers letting you know about the species of wildflowers and animals you may see while exploring.

4. Sculptures

Lubbock Lake Landmark Bear web

Wooly mammoths, pampas beasts and giant short-faced bears, oh my! The bronzes at Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark were created to scale using bones found on site, making them the best way to see how large these animals were. They also make for an excellent photo opportunity.

5. History

Lubbock Lake Landmark tools web

Not only does the museum tell you the history of the area, but also the history of archaeology. Learning the story of how the land was preserved and seeing the tools used to originally excavate the Lubbock Lake Landmark was one of my favorite parts.


While you’re out exploring a piece of history, be sure to share your photos with #LiveLoveLubbock! If you’d like see more family-friendly activities, we’ve rounded them all up for you here.


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