Month: January 2016

Cardinal’s Sport Center: The One-Stop Fitness Shop

If you had me describe my perfect place, it would probably sound a little like this: somewhere you can workout, shop for shoes, grab coffee and where Under Armor leggings are always an acceptable form of pants. In Lubbock, it’s possible to do all of the above at Cardinal’s Sport Center, and this month we’re

Destination Spotlight – Buddy Holly Center

Many people hear the word Lubbock and immediately think Buddy Holly. In fact, some might say that Lubbock was the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll, and we would agree! Holly is definitely Lubbock’s most famous son, and his music has carried through artist after artist over the years. Did you know that The Beatles named

Top 5 Live Music Spots in Lubbock, Texas

Have you ever woken up in the morning with a buzz in your ear from the night before and absolutely wanted to do it all over again? Yeah, you probably spent a good part of your night jamming out to some live music here in Lubbock. Every night, music lovers whisk themselves all over town

Well Timed: A Quick Guide to Lubbock Exploration

“So what is there to do in Lubbock?” It’s one of my very favorite questions to be asked. And with award-winning wineries to tour, live music to experience almost every night of the week, museums to visit and shops to explore, it’s no wonder visitors need a recommendation or two. Should you find yourself in

Venue Spotlight: Spirit Ranch

Holding a meeting (or event) at Spirit Ranch just doesn’t feel like a meeting. Lush greenery, tall trees, flowing creeks and friendly peacocks make this beautiful facility in Lubbock different from the rest. Spirit Ranch offers four meeting venues perfect for those wanting a unique setting or a break from the typical board room. The facility will

New in Lubbock – January 2016

It’s been two weeks since our champagne toasts welcomed 2016, and we’re right in the middle of one of my favorite months of the year. The strike of midnight on January 1 marks a positive change in the air. Gym parking lots are full, grocery baskets are filled with greens and good intentions, and we

Introducing the 2016 Visitor’s Guide

Visit Lubbock is kicking off the new year with the brand new 2016 Visitor’s Guide! The guide is hot off the press and now on the shelves around Lubbock and the surrounding region. We can’t wait for you to get your hands on this year’s guide, where you’ll read all about Lubbock’s hot spots, gain

Top 10 Annual Events and Festivals in Lubbock

Home to the legendary musician Buddy Holly, a rich western heritage and award-winning wineries, Lubbock is a popular destination for travelers to escape their everyday routines. Throughout the year, the city hosts a number of annual events, often celebrating its historical past and creative arts community. While there are many events to choose from, this guide narrows