Month: August 2014

Foodie Favorites from A to Z – Orlando’s Italian Restaurant

Us Texans are notorious for creating our own words. For example: “Fixin’ to” has little to do with fixing anything and more to do with explaining what you are about to do. Or having a “hissy fit,” while never truly defined is a state of extreme agitation and something you most certainly want to avoid

Destination Spotlight – Lubbock Lake Landmark

Did you know that Smithsonian Magazine recently named a Lubbock attraction as one of the top five destinations to see evidence of first Americans? That’s right! The Lubbock Lake National Historic Landmark (2401 Landmark Drive) has shown archaeological history dating back 12,000 years! We here at Visit Lubbock like to say we’ve been welcoming visitors

Kick it with the Lady Raiders in 2014

GOALLLLLL! Texas Tech is coming off the most successful season in school history, and I couldn’t be more excited to cheer on the Lady Raiders during their 2014 campaign. Armed with a stifling defense and a goal hungry set of forwards, the Lady Raiders tallied a school record 18 victories and made their second straight