Month: July 2013

Wines & Vines Galore!

I don’t know about you, but sometimes a glass of wine with a tasty dinner is just what I need after a long day. Thankfully, I’ll get to taste and bring home a variety of wines this weekend at the 2nd Annual Wines & Vines Festival hosted at McPherson Cellars! Guest entry is $20 for

Night at the Museum

Once again, the Science Spectrum & OMNI Theater has set out to disprove the traditional stereotype of museums as boring and elitist vaults full of information, and show us that they are, in fact, exciting places full of wonder, entertainment and the possibility of adventure. This Friday, the Night at the Museum is sure to

East vs. West Showdown

Basketball and football were big events over the past weekend as Lubbock Sports hosted the 2013 Texas Six-Man Coaches Association (TSMCA) All-Star Week and Clinic. This isn’t just a tournament for participating players. During the week, 16 athletes received scholarships totaling $19,200. Traditionally, the TSMCA gives more money in scholarships to players then any other

Foodie Favorites from A to Z – Bless Your Heart

We’re back with the Foodie Blog! Filling in for Holly this week, I got to visit one of Lubbock’s local health food hotspots, Bless Your Heart. If you haven’t been by to try their delicious and calorie-friendly dishes, it’s a must! When the restaurant opened its doors in Lubbock on December 5, 1989, it was one

High Noon Concert Series

It’s mid-week and you’re stomach is growling. Why don’t you head on over to the Lubbock County Courthouse gazebo (904 Broadway) for a relaxing picnic paired with some live West Texas music? Each Wednesday from now until Wednesday, August 28 the High Noon Concert Series will feature live music, food and, most importantly, relaxation. Lubbock’s

The Day the Music Came Alive

Many moons ago, Greg Wilkes was introduced to Buddy Holly’s music as a young boy growing up in Australia. And like Buddy, who shared the love of music with his brothers, Wilkes vividly remembers the day his older brother let him listen to a rock ‘n’ roll record from the good ol’ U-S of A.

Fun on the Fourth of July

We arrived to the annual Fourth on Broadway Street Fair fashionably late, but that didn’t stop us from jumping right into the fun. Once we were on Broadway’s red brick road, it didn’t take long to navigate our way to the most popular spots. Our first item on the agenda was finding a cool band

School Out, Summer Learning In!

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Just because school is out for the summer doesn’t mean the kiddos have to stop learning! Lubbock offers an array of fun places for kids to expand their knowledge during the summer months. Here are just a few: Science Spectrum & OMNI Theater – This Lubbock favorite is a great family hotspot that offers unique,

It’s Not Easy Being An Ironman

My Sunday’s are usually reserved for hitting the snooze button multiple times while trying to battle the “get up and feed me” pawing from my 8 pound Yorkie. But this wasn’t any ordinary Sunday. While many of the triathletes for this year’s Ironman 70.3 at Buffalo Springs Lake were doing their final checklist, so was